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Universal Mar 15 2006

''A Boy Named ___'' SUE
''By all means!'' YES
''Conjunction Junction'' word NOR
''Farewell, Francoise!'' ADIEU
''Fidelio'' was Beethoven's only one OPERA
''Hard ___!'' (helmsman's cry) ALEE
''Hi, Claudius'' AVE
''I, Claudius'' role NERO
''Le Cage ___ Folles'' AUX
''Lord of the Rings'' creature ENT
''Macbeth'' figure HAG
''Taxi'' character NARDO
''The Black Prince'' author Murdoch IRIS
''To a Sky-Lark,'' e.g. ODE
''___ Girls'' (Kelly musical) LES
''___, a deer ...'' DOE
A man may beat his CHEST
Adduces CITES
Affectionate sound COO
After-school pig-out? JAMSESSION
Analyze, grammatically PARSE
Angry outburst FUROR
Arriving, as planes INCOMING
Asimov's genre SCIFI
Bassanio's love PORTIA
Be expectant AWAIT
Bedroll alternative COT
Berger of ''Major Dundee'' SENTA
Beyond the exurbs RURAL
Black or fire gem OPAL
Black thrush (Var.) OUSEL
Bobby-___ SOXER
Buggy with bugs LEMON
Cantab rival ELI
Cap lifter OPENER
Cartridge contents INK
Cathartic salts EPSOM
Certain metal workers TINSMITHS
City ordinance, e.g. BYLAW
Coalition UNION
Common tabloid topics FLYINGSAUCERS
Comparatively wan PALER
Controversial apple growth regulator ALAR
Convalesce MEND
Country club instructors PROS
Curvaceous figure ESS
Day worker, for short TEMP
Dish with peanut sauce SATAY
Doll's cry, maybe MAMA
Drab color OLIVE
Easel, e.g. STAND
Expo '70 site OSAKA
Extremely serious SOLEMN
Facts and figures, e.g. DATA
Figure out EDUCE
Flips one's lid? DOFFS
Flounder in water SLOSH
French composer Satie ERIK
Frenchman's wine VIN
Friable soil LOAM
Galsworthy heroine IRENE
Giggle (Var.) TEHEE
Go smoothly SAIL
Gradation of color HUE
Great Plains orange OSAGE
Have one's say SPEAK
Homer Simpson epithet DOH
Horror star Peter LORRE
Hyena from Dogpatch LENA
Interstate features LANES
Iroquoian language ONEIDA
Island near Mull IONA
It helps you get a leg up RUNG
It may be full of iron GYM
It resembles a rock in the water STONEFISH
Japanese cartooning ANIME
Kind of ballerina PRIMA
Kinship group CLAN
Lake Turkana locale KENYA
Lancelot's son GALAHAD
Last word of the Bible AMEN
Laugh-a-minute folks RIOTS
Legal claim LIEN
Life imitator ART
Locker room powder TALC
Loretta's ''M*A*S*H'' co-star ALAN
Lucy's TV friend ETHEL
Mauna ___ (Hawaiian peak) KEA
Minnesota institution MAYOCLINIC
Newsstand KIOSK
Nikita successor LEONID
Noncommittal words IMAY
Not naughty NICE
One of New York's Finger Lakes SENECA
One of the Chipmunks ALVIN
One-third of a 1964 hit song title FUN
Ontario's 21st premier RAE
Optimistic expectations HOPES
Oscar winner Marisa TOMEI
Pago Pago native SAMOAN
Past adolescence ADULT
Peace Nobelist of 2001 ANNAN
Persistent pain ACHE
Photo ___ (pol's news events) OPS
Plow share? SNOW
Post-rodeo chow, perhaps CHILI
Princeton's League IVY
Provides sustenance FEEDS
Provoke RILE
Pt. of two state names DAK
Pueblo-dwelling tribe HOPI
Range separating two continents URAL
Real suffix ISM
Reason for disappearing beaches EROSION
Recent arrival NEWBORN
Refreshing rapper? ICET
Relating to a meal PRANDIAL
Roman garb TOGA
Romantic corner NOOK
Sealskin wearer, perhaps ALEUT
Shrek's sweetheart FIONA
Silas or Seamus DEANE
Sky boxes, perhaps KITES
Some ballplayers METS
Some Girl Scouts CADETTES
Some like it hot CHILI
Some rentals DVDS
Some root veggies TAROS
Soothing plant extract ALOE
Square things? ATONE
Store in a silo ENSILE
Swizzle STIR
Symbol of sagacity OWL
Tactful turndown IMBUSY
Toddler's containment YARD
Toss about, as petals STREW
Tourist's aid MAP
Turkey type BUTTERBALL
TV antenna alternatives SATELLITEDISHES
Twilight time, to Tennyson EEN
U.S. Army NCO ranks SSGTS
Vasco de ___ GAMA
VCR-button letters REC
Wasp-waisted, e.g. TRIM
Watch chain FOB
Were now? ARE
Word in ''The Trolley Song'' CLANG
Word in a Grimm ending? EVER
Work without ___ (risk injury) ANET
___ facto IPSO
___ Thumb TOM
___-Napoca, Romania CLUJ
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