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Universal Mar 15 2002

"How dry I am" punctuation, maybe HIC
''Break ---!'' (''Perform well!'') ALEG
''Got two fives for ---?'' ATEN
''La --- Vita'' DOLCE
''The Conqueror Worm'' author POE
Activity preceding liftoff COUNTDOWN
Advent ONSET
Air force heroes ACES
Ancient Roman gathering place BATHS
Apple section CORE
Aquarium dweller ALGA
Asphalt applicator PAVER
Au courant UPON
Bagel ROLL
Balaam's beast ASS
Belgian city LIEGE
Bidder's option PASS
Big name in Norway OLAF
Bit of nuclear physics ATOM
Blue ribbon, perhaps AWARD
Bogey beater PAR
Boundary EDGE
Bridge term SLAM
Broad sts. AVES
Broth ingredient, perhaps BOUILLONCUBES
Bruins of football UCLA
Calif. force LAPD
Canned product since 1937 SPAM
Captain Frank Furillo's street HILL
Cartoon crime-fighter TRACY
Coffee holders CUPS
Concludes ENDS
Contents of some engines TENCYLINDERS
Contract content TERMS
Cooking herb and Rathbone BASILS
Cultivating tool HARROW
Debaucher ROUE
Diamonds, in mob lingo ICE
Difficult and distasteful AUGEAN
Double-reed instrument OBOE
Drunk (slang) WINO
Energy cartel OPEC
Enhancing accessories ADDONS
Faddish game with six sides RUBICSCUBE
Family circle members AUNTS
Far from pliant RIGID
Fashion designer Saint Laurent YVES
Father's ritual? MASS
Former Mideast alliance UAR
Furrows RUTS
Gambles RISKS
Genetic transcripts RNAS
Gets supplies to the troops, in a way AIRDROPS
Give the heave-ho to OUST
Good, honest transaction SQUAREDEAL
Grand Central, e.g. (Abbr.) STA
Gravity-powered vehicles SLEDS
Great Barrier Reef sight ATOLL
Haggard hero Quatermain ALLAN
Half a ring? SEMICIRCLE
Hard, brittle cake or biscuit CRACKNEL
Here, in Cannes ICI
Hooter's young OWLET
Horse trained to a certain gait PACER
In neutral IDLE
Inclines more and more STEEPENS
Islands near Fiji TONGA
It can be Roman NUMERAL
It may follow a wash SET
It's between here and there NOR
Jam makers, perhaps TRAFFICCONES
Japanese beverage SAKI
Jobs for ''Designing Women''? DECORS
La --- (French explorer) SALLE
Leave out OMIT
Libra's stone OPAL
Lichen's kin MOSS
Lifeline locale PALM
Lifting device? BRA
Like most sumo wrestlers OBESE
Linkletter or Buchwald ART
Loafer, e.g. SLIPON
Look forward to AWAIT
Maine university site ORONO
Marinate SOAK
Midshipman's sch. USNA
Mobile lead? OLDS
Montbard locale COTEDOR
Moral philosophy ETHIC
Mortarboard wearer, briefly GRAD
Most powerful workstation, perhaps OVALOFFICE
Most spry NIMBLEST
Mountains forming the Europe-Asia boundary URAL
Ms. Fitzgerald of jazz ELLA
Muffler attachments TAILPIPES
Native American symbol TOTEM
Norse dragon slain by Sigurd FAFNIR
Obtain by demand EXACT
Only partner ONE
Ornamental altar screens REREDOS
Osso ___ BUCO
Out of the elements INDOORS
Out-of-this-world org.? NASA
Part of a drum kit SNARE
Part of Indonesia BALI
Place for a PC, perhaps DESK
Plays quoits TOSSES
Pool-parlor powders TALCS
Popeye's gal OLIVE
Porter of song COLE
Prayer recipient DEITY
Princess Leia ___ ORGANA
Pronged TINED
Reef formers CORALS
Reported STATED
Schedule of events AGENDA
Seasonal songs CAROLS
Seaweed-wrapped fare SUSHI
Sentimental stuff GOO
Served a meal FED
Sherlock's Blue Carbuncle, for one GEM
Signing-ceremony implements PENS
Some bones HUMERI
Some farm animals SOWS
Some woodwinds OBOES
Soothing herb ALOE
South American mammal COATI
Spanish pot OLLA
St. Bernard's bark WOOF
Starchy tuber TARO
Steam up RILE
Strike out DELETE
Subtle difference NUANCE
Superlative suffixes ESTS
These wings don't flap ELLS
Token room? ARCADE
Topping below ABOVE
Treadless, as tires BALD
Type of business SHOW
Typical bumper-sticker phrase QUIP
Unit of Time EON
Want as a price ASK
Was first in a parade LED
Water torture? DRIP
Weird Al Yankovic parody EATIT
Where to see Puppis and Carina ARGO
Wild mountain goat IBEX
Word between best plans LAID
Worldly rather than spiritual LAIC
Wrinkly tangelos UGLIS
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