How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 09 2019

"Americone Dream," e.g pun
"But is it ___?" art
"It's a Wonderful Life" director capra
"Tao" or "Catholic" suffix ism
"The King and I" land siam
"The Owl and the Pussycat went ___" tosea
"The Plague" author camus
*Coal extraction technique stripmining
*Hotel review site tripadvisor
*No.16 in a Grafton series (note the progression at the starred answers' starts!) pisforperil
*Wasted riproaringdrunk
*Web locations ipaddresses
3/17 VIP stpat
32,000 ounces ton
32-card game skat
Additionally also
Ankle bones tarsi
Bark sound arf
Belts' places waists
Bit of information datum
Change for the better amend
Chooses for a position taps
Command before Paste, often copy
D's Scrabble value two
Deception ruse
Doe, e.g deer
Done for toast
Dorm unit room
Drives the getaway car, say abets
Engrossed rapt
Give the OK allow
Gobi Desert's continent asia
Handyman's item tool
Hog sound snort
In favor of pro
Incurred, as debts ranup
Ireland's best-selling solo artist enya
Iron and Bronze ages
IRS agent committing tax fraud, e.g irony
Itinerary plan
Left-side page verso
Lions and Tigers teams
Longoria or Mendes eva
Low-stress class easya
Mars, to Greeks ares
Mata Hari was one spy
Meld metals solder
Memo opener inre
More frosty icier
Obama education secretary Duncan arne
Oil, at a trattoria olio
Outer: Prefix ecto
Plastic ___ Band ono
Poker pot starter ante
Protein-building acid amino
Puckering body part lip
River from Pittsburgh ohio
Santa's laundry woe? soot
Scored 100 percent on aced
Seized auto repo
Show to another table, maybe reseat
Some 'Vette roofs ttops
Sour tart
Start to form? uni
Started vibrating, perhaps rang
Stuck in the mud mired
They spread on Reddit memes
To the extent that asfaras
Vaudeville show revue
Visually fixate stare
Waggle dance insect bee
Warm cap features earlaps
Window sign words torent
Wonderment awe
___ drink (soda) soft
___ of the curve ahead
___ port in a storm any
___-European languages indo
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