How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 09 2014

"I've got a secret to tell you" PSST
"National Velvet" author Bagnold ENID
"So what ___ is new?" ELSE
"The ___ is in sight" END
Agra airs RAGAS
Bat's detection tool SONAR
Be furious RAGE
Bertie Wooster's Agatha, for one AUNT
Big-time retailer SEARS
Canal country PANAMA
Capital of Italy EURO
Cause of harm BANE
Command to Michael ROWYOURBOAT
Composer Alban BERG
Consumer EATER
Deck out ADORN
Disorderliness ROWDINESS
Displeased look FROWN
Distinctive and stylish elegance ELAN
Downwind, for a ship ALEE
Feels achy AILS
Foam alternative for shavers GEL
From square one ANEW
Furnish, as with talent ENDOW
George Herman Ruth, familiarly BABE
Gives over for safekeeping ENTRUSTS
Goes tirelessly? SLEDS
Grandson of Abraham ESAU
Guiding doctrine TENET
Hammer-wielding god THOR
Helicopter blade ROTOR
High-rise unit CONDO
Hollowed, as an apple CORED
Horse's cousin ASS
Hosiery shade ECRU
House of worship BETHEL
Immature egg, to a zoologist OVULE
In stitches SEWN
It might wind up on shore REEL
It talks, it's said MONEY
It wasn't built in a day ROME
June 6, 1944 DDAY
Lacks humility BOASTS
Lemon skin PEEL
Light rope TWINE
Lumber cutters SAWS
Many a new driver TEENAGER
Minks and sables FURS
Monarch's loyal subject LIEGE
Mythological blood ICHOR
No longer working (abbr.) RETD
One of the Beatles STARR
OPEC's largest customer USA
Part in a movie ROLE
Plea at sea MAYDAY
Put in a snit MIFF
Remote control, at times MUTER
Sha ___ (doo-wop group) NANA
Shampoo additive ALOE
Sixth sense ESP
Small flycatcher PEWEE
Some public-transit systems, briefly METROS
Some urban dwellings ROWHOUSES
Southwest crock pot OLLA
Sun's circle of light CORONA
Swears AVOWS
Tenant's payment RENT
Three-pip card TREY
Tries mightily to get ashore? ROWSANDROWS
Turn on the waterworks BAWL
Untouchable, in mafia lingo MADE
Urgent request PLEA
White oak of California ROBLE
Wrinkle removers IRONS
You can take it or beat it RAP
___ Cove ("Murder, She Wrote" setting) CABOT
___-up (confined) PENT
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