How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 09 2010

"... to thine own ___ be true" SELF
"Are so!" retort AMNOT
"Goodbye" in Guadalajara ADIOS
"He's ___ nowhere man" (Beatles lyric) AREAL
"Hubba hubba" thinker OGLER
"Mayday!" cousin SOS
"Well, ___!" ("How pretentious!") LADIDA
"___ hands are the devil's tools" IDLE
"___ you're told!" DOAS
157.5 degrees from N SSE
A lot of junk mail ADS
A strong one could be found in a gym ODOR
A uniform class ROTC
Angel's prop in a Christmas play HALO
Appreciate a good meal SAVOR
Arabian cargo boats DHOWS
Arboreal animal's home TREE
Assign, as a portion ALLOT
Auto on the autobahn OPEL
Beat the ___ (get acquitted) RAP
Become one on the run ELOPE
Beginning for "normal" or "legal" PARA
Big Band and others ERAS
Bindle carriers HOBOS
Bit of dirty campaigning SLUR
Blood pathway AORTA
Board companion ROOM
Bone under a bracelet ULNA
Bookkeeping item ENTRY
Bushy thicket COPSE
Curious thing ODDITY
Cut at an angle BEVEL
Dangerous dosage units RADS
Diameter halves RADII
Down off a duck EIDER
Draft-worthy ONEA
Emulate the "Trading Spaces" folks REDO
Fanciful verse POESY
Favorable aspects PROS
First-rate AONE
Gives a heady answer? NODS
Group of quail BEVY
Had second thoughts about RUED
Heaps kudos on LAUDS
Iran-___ affair CONTRA
Keeper of confidential information UNDERCOVERAGENT
Leave dumbfounded AMAZE
Less crazy SANER
Like many who sign DEAF
No longer deceived by ONTO
Not to be repeated, as a performance ONEOFF
Odds and ends OLIO
One little piggy's amount NONE
One of Columbus' ships NINA
Pot maker ANTE
Ready for a nap DROWSY
Repays according to a schedule AMORTIZES
Run out of steam TIRE
Shrek's buddy is one ASS
Smallest amount of change CENT
Snack cookie OREO
Solar system mockup ORRERY
Some woodwinds OBOES
Spy's entry requirement SECRETPASSWORD
Stone monument STELE
Tend to the garden WEED
The ideal garden EDEN
Toddlers' pops DADAS
Wall, Sesame and Easy (Abbr.) STS
Wall-climbing equipment ROPE
Warm up the crowd OPEN
Where nails should not be hammered TOES
Where the big bucks are? RODEO
___ all-time high ATAN
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