How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 08 2003

"... never met ___ didn't like" (Rogers) AMANI
"... seen and not ___" HEARD
"America the Beautiful" pronoun THEE
"As if ___!" ICARE
"Aw, gee!" DARN
"Back in the ___" (Beatles) USSR
"Beware the ___ of March" IDES
"Dallas" clan name EWING
"God bless us ___ one" EVERY
"Hop ___!" ("Get going!") TOIT
"I know what you're thinking" gift ESP
"If ___ told you once ..." IVE
"Mary Tyler Moore" co-star EDASNER
"Mighty Aphrodite" co-star Sorvino MIRA
"Out!" shouter UMP
"Patton" props TANKS
"Show Boat" novelist Ferber EDNA
"The Bell ___" (Sylvia Plath book) JAR
"The best is ___ to come!" YET
"The Beverly Hillbillies" regular BAER
"The Haj" author URIS
"The Maltese Falcon" sleuth SPADE
"The Pirates of Penzance" heroine MABEL
"To Live and Die ___" (1985 movie) INLA
"Yes," at a wedding IDO
"___ and the Real Girl" (2007 film) LARS
"___ cost you!" ITLL
"___ forgive those who trespass against us" ASWE
"___ is me!" ("Alas!") WOE
"___ just have to do" ITLL
"___ of Two Cities" ATALE
"___ penny and pick it up ..." SEEA
''--- was saying'' ASI
''L'--- c'est moi'' ETAT
''Shogun'' sash OBI
''Three Coins...'' fountain TREVI
''Unforgettable'' Cole NAT
10-10, e.g. TIED
2-BR listing APT
67.5 degrees, to mariners ENE
700, in old Rome DCC
Aaron Spelling's daughter TORI
Abbreviated LAX postings ARRS
Absorb gradually OSMOSE
Act as a middleman RESELL
Act the ham OVERDO
African amulet (Var.) GRIGRI
Airborne Rangers gear BERETS
Albanian currency LEK
Alphabet run RST
Alvin of dance AILEY
Amphibious vehicle SWAMPBUGGY
Anesthetic of yore ETHER
Angry disposition CHOLER
Animal in a sty HOG
Animal that sounds exactly like you EWE
Appear in a movie ACT
Appellation TITLE
Approach to the altar NAVE
Arctic native INUIT
Aries or Taurus SIGN
Aroma, to a Londoner ODOUR
Asian princess RANI
Asocial type LONER
Asset for an inventor IDEA
Atoll, for one REEF
Attack from the air STRAFE
Award winner's words THANKYOU
Baby bird of prey OWLET
Barge canal of song ERIE
Baseball quartet BASES
Bay bobber BUOY
Beach makeup SAND
Bee venom is one ALLERGEN
Beetles may be found in them GARAGES
Belmont's shape OVAL
Bend a senator's ear, perhaps LOBBY
Better copy? EDIT
Big and bright fish OPAH
Bits of current AMPS
Blooper ERROR
Blyton or Bagnold ENID
Bondservant SERF
Bored feeling ENNUI
Bound to happen FATED
Bovine trademark ELSIE
Box score stat RBI
Brewery fixture OAST
Bridge response REBID
Brief notice in passing OBIT
Bring to order? NEATEN
Broadway backdrops SETS
Broken arm support SLING
Buffalo Bill of the Wild West CODY
Bundled cotton BALE
Butter in the field RAM
Bygone autocrat TSAR
Bygone bringers of cold blocks ICEMEN
Calligrapher's stroke SERIF
Cape ___, Mass. COD
Capote, on Broadway TRU
Carpenter's need LEVEL
Carrier to Jerusalem ELAL
Cartoonist Drucker or Walker MORT
Castle the dancer IRENE
Cavalry member LANCER
Ceremonious poetry ODES
Certain Monopoly property BALTICAVENUE
Change decorations REDO
Channel to the ocean SEAGATE
Character on "The Cosby Show" RUDY
Chicken ___ (deep-fried dish) KIEV
Chief Norse god ODIN
Clock div. MIN
Clock sound TICK
Cockamamie NUTTY
Color in 66-Across AMBER
Comic Kovacs ERNIE
Company that makes Easter egg coloring kits PAAS
Computer illness VIRUS
Congerlike EELY
Contemptible VILE
Continental dollar EURO
Cork's country EIRE
Counting-out rhyme start EENY
Country of Juan Carlos SPAIN
Cream cheese base BAGEL
Cross a shallow creek WADE
Crude quality RAWNESS
Cultural values of a group ETHOS
Dagger case SHEATH
Debt security LIEN
Deck swabbers MOPS
Declare to be true ATTEST
Department created by Carter ENERGY
Depend (on) RELY
Descriptor for wrinkled hands DISHPAN
Didn't put up a fight YIELDED
Die spots PIPS
Digging machine STEAMSHOVEL
Director's order CUT
Do away with REMOVE
Dot in the sea ISLET
Draw away from shore EBB
Drought-scourged ARID
Eared vessel EWER
Earthy pigment OCHRE
Edible beaked pods OKRA
Edible hodgepodge OLIO
Egyptian fertility goddess ISIS
Employee who rarely takes off WORKAHOLIC
Even the greatest men hail them CABS
Falco of "The Sopranos" EDIE
False god of the Old Testament BAAL
Famous triangle BERMUDA
Famous TV ranch SOUTHFORK
Fifth tone SOL
Fight reminder WELT
Finds a new purpose for REUSES
Firebug's crime ARSON
Five or 10-speeds BICYCLES
Flight annoyance DELAY
Forehead feature BROW
Fortitude GRIT
Future little leaguer's game TBALL
Game on the green GOLF
Garlic-flavored mayonnaise AIOLI
Gearwheel tooth COG
Goes hard into a base SLIDES
Granola morsel OAT
Ground corn mixture PINOLE
Groups of four TETRADS
Hail from the past AVE
Hangar contents AIRPLANES
Hanging tapestry ARRAS
Having hit the hay ABED
Hawkeye's milieu MASH
Helen Hunt's sitcom co-star REISER
Henry Moore creation NORTHWIND
Here-there connector NOR
Hispaniola part HAITI
Homophone for "new" GNU
Honda's luxury line ACURA
Horror film franchise street ELM
Hotelier Helmsley LEONA
Hunky heartthrob DREAMBOAT
Idler's antithesis DOER
In a group of AMID
In a rational fashion SANELY
Indication of a fish on the line TUG
Involuntary jerk SPASM
It may precede a sum? ERGO
It's better than never LATER
Japanese mat TATAMI
Jug handle EAR
Kennel club reject MUTT
Kids' "earnings" ALLOWANCES
Knotty situation NODUS
Label on a cassette recorder jack MIC
Laser printer alternative BUBBLEJET
Legal org. ABA
Licoricelike flavoring ANISE
Lightbulbs, in the comics IDEAS
Like cow pasture wire, often BARBED
Like Gen. Colin Powell RET
Like most roads PAVED
Like some rumors IDLE
Live inside, as a spirit INDWELL
Lon of Cambodia NOL
Looks after toddlers SITS
Lunar or solar event ECLIPSE
Lunches or brunches EATS
Luster SHEEN
Mall units STORES
Many home computers PCS
Marathoner RACER
Margarine product OLEO
Melonlike tropical fruit PAPAW
Methuselah's claim to fame OLDAGE
Moderately warm TEPID
Moore of "G.I. Jane" DEMI
More fit for the task ABLER
More than somewhat VERY
Mosquitolike insect MIDGE
Mother of Hermes MAIA
Moved to a quieter table, say RESAT
Movie starring Yul Brynner WESTWORLD
Muslim prince (Var.) EMEER
Name of Tennessee's streetcar DESIRE
Narrow opening SLIT
New York City park CENTRAL
Newt wannabe EFT
No-thing connector SUCH
Nostalgic pathway MEMORYLANE
Not as rigid LOOSER
Not worth ___ (worthless) ASOU
Nota ___ ("note well") BENE
Noted Broadway debut, October, 1982 CATS
O. Henry gift FOB
Obliquely SIDEWAY
Oboists need them REEDS
One of a ballroom couple LEAD
Opposite of "Count me out!" IMIN
Opposite of this clue ACROSS
Option in a threat ELSE
Orderly methods SYSTEMS
Overrun with marsh plants, e.g. SEDGY
Paint remover or solvent ACETONE
Part of a cell nucleus RNA
Pasture LEA
Patty Hearst's name in the SLA TANIA
Pelvic parts ILIA
Perch, at first ROE
Periods of sunlight DAYTIMES
Pertaining to the ankle TARSAL
Phonograph pioneer Berliner EMILE
Pickle choice DILL
Place with a counter DELI
Play friskily FROLIC
Poetic Angelou MAYA
Polite bow CURTSY
Pollen, e.g. ALLERGEN
Position for Palmer LIE
Potok's "My Name is Asher ___" LEV
Prefix with "Chinese" or "European" INDO
Prepare to be shot POSE
Primary sail MAIN
Princes in disguise? TOADS
Producing lather SUDSY
Project segment PHASE
Pung or coaster SLED
Rained cats and dogs TEEMED
Ran through with a cavalry sword SABERED
Ratings on sunscreen bottles (Abbr.) SPFS
Red Cross initiative BLOODDRIVE
Reedy instrument OBOE
Renter's agreement LEASE
Ric of The Cars OCASEK
Romantic recitals POEMS
Rural road surface GRAVEL
Sammy Davis Jr's ''--- Can'' YESI
Santa ___, Calif. ROSA
Sarcastic taunts GIBES
Schoolbooks TEXTS
Sci-fi writer Isaac ASIMOV
Seed protector ARIL
Sell to a pawn shop HOCK
Serve up drinks TEND
Shameless joy GLEE
Sharp rebuff SLAP
Shoplifted STOLE
Short-tailed lemur INDRI
Sir ___ Guinness ALEC
Situated below NETHER
Six, in Siena SEI
Slight SNUB
Small mountain lakes TARNS
Soap bubbles SUDS
Sock pattern ARGYLE
Some boxing outcomes TKOS
Some limo destinations PROMS
Some winds REEDS
Sort or type ILK
Sorvino of "Mighty Aphrodite" MIRA
Sound heard in a parade RATATAT
Sound made by Big Ben BONG
Sour cream additive CHIVE
Speaker's platform BEMA
Spelling or Burr AARON
Spot from a pot TEA
Stable particles? OATS
State vehemently AVER
Stereotypical snack for cops DONUT
Stock unit SHARE
String instrument VIOLA
Supreme Being DEITY
Swinger's helper BATTINGCOACH
T. S. Eliot work EASTCOKER
Take --- at (attempt) ASTAB
Take unfair advantage of ABUSE
Tallow ingredient SUET
Thai language LAO
They may be hailed when it hails TAXICABS
Threat for a Wild West outlaw NOOSE
Three-syllable foot, in poetry ANAPEST
Took out the king? MATED
Top-grade AONE
Travel randomly ROVE
Tree trunk, after processing LOG
Troop group UNIT
Two of nine? ENS
Two-time Israeli prime minister RABIN
Type of charge NEGATIVE
Type of deal DONE
Type or kind ILK
Types ILKS
Ultimate objective ENDALL
Unable to make it on one's own NEEDY
Underhanded SLY
Unhealthy chest sound RALE
Unimpressive, as an excuse LAME
Unintelligible talking GIBBER
Untrustworthy one LIAR
Use a whetstone HONE
Vehicle for Blanche DuBois STREETCAR
Verdi princess AIDA
Vestment for Father Brown ALB
Victory smoke CIGAR
Village of yore THORP
Vole relative RAT
Wall, Sesame and Easy (Abbr.) STS
Wallet stuffers ONES
Wayne's word NOT
Weakens or recedes EBBS
Weapon swung by a gaucho BOLA
Welcoming or parting gesture EMBRACE
Well-groomed NEAT
Went downhill SKIED
Western horse-drawn vehicle STAGECOACH
What borrowers do OWE
What dispensaries dispense DRUGS
Wheels of fortune? LIMO
Where bluejackets go ASEA
Whittle down PARE
Wife of Boaz RUTH
Win the favor of ENDEAR
Word between I's in a famous palindrome ERE
Word shouted at a thief STOP
Word with bank or student LOAN
World-finance org. IMF
Writer's block breakthrough IDEA
Yearns LONGS
Yiddish exclamations OYS
___ Arbor, Mich. ANN
___ Bornes (classic card game) MILLE
___ Gatos, Calif. LOS
___ Mawr College BRYN
___ Parker (busybody) NOSEY
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO
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