How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 06 2005

"Aw, what a shame!" TOOBAD
"C" on a calculator CLEAR
"Conservative" starter ULTRA
"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" evidence GLOVE
"Silas Marner" author ELIOT
"Tat-tat" preceder RATA
"The Thinker," for one NUDE
"Will there be anything ___?" ELSE
''Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ___'' (Joel) RIPE
''There Is Nothing Like ___'' ADAME
1040 and others FORMS
1956 Heston role MOSES
Adapt machinery RETOOL
Adhesive resin EPOXY
An ungulate TAPIR
Another cookbook abbr. TSP
Anthropoid MANLIKE
Atlas statistic AREA
Author unknown (Abbr.) ANON
Baby cover-ups BIBS
Bake-off equipment OVENS
Baroque and rococo, e.g. STYLES
Be offended by MIND
Beans go-with RICE
Beauty parlor procedure RINSE
Beethoven wrote one OPERA
Beginning of most New York ZIP codes ONE
Behind on bills INDEBT
Bert's street SESAME
Bird in the bush EMU
Bit of a nasty fall HAILSTONE
Bloomers around the neck LEI
Bring into law ENACT
Bury in a pyramid ENTOMB
California wine grape PINOT
Causing sticker shock STEEP
Celebrity pair, usually ITEM
Check the water? DAM
Christmas tune NOEL
Church sections NAVES
Churchill Downs feed OATS
City near Phoenix MESA
Colloquial "not" NARY
Comply with MEET
Cookbook abbr. TBSP
Cybermissive EMAIL
Darjeeling, for one TEA
Decorative arch molding OGEE
Description of a good novel or script PAGETURNER
Distant relative of Kunta ALEX
Do Aspen SKI
Dotty, perhaps SENILE
Elaborately decorated ORNATE
Extreme sorrow DOLOR
Feels regret over RUES
Fireplace fuel WOOD
First name in comic book villains LEX
First word in many recipes PREHEAT
Fixes or alters, as a hem RESEWS
Food flavoring SPICE
From a distant point AFAR
Fuse word AMP
Gaelic ERSE
Grist for some computers DATA
Gunslinger's command DRAW
Gutter site EAVE
Hamlet's larger relative TOWN
Hautboy OBOE
High school subject, briefly GEOG
Historic time periods ERAS
Imported cheese EDAM
In a different way ANEW
Inhabitants of a sci-fi film planet APES
Inner Hebrides isle IONA
It may be posted BAIL
It's gentle on the skin ALOE
It's tied in church KNOT
Jackie Onassis, ___ Bouvier NEE
King of Skull Island KONG
Letters on a motor oil can SAE
Like best PREFER
Like forbidden fruit TABOO
Like headlines TERSE
Like leprechauns IRISH
Little boring one? AWL
Low-calorie, in ad-speak LITE
Make art on glass ETCH
Man in a cast ACTOR
Many a New Year's resolution DIET
Marsh plant SEDGE
Miles and Ralston VERAS
Mindy's ET MORK
Moses' mount SINAI
Most Syrians, e.g. ARABS
Multivolume tales SAGAS
My and thy OUR
Native-born Israeli SABRA
Nexus LINK
Noted Christian DIOR
Notorious apple spray ALAR
Novel by Nabokov ADA
Participates in the Tour de France PEDALS
Pharaoh after Rameses I SETI
Places for Old Glory FLAGPOLES
Poll revelation TREND
Potato-growing state IDAHO
Pre-Columbian Mexican AZTEC
Preschooler's dread NAP
Prom dress ornament, often ORCHID
Provoke RILE
Pub selections ALES
Quick and skillful DEFT
Raccoon type RINGTAILED
Racing champ Luyendyk ARIE
Relatives of onions LEEKS
Residential units CONDOS
Ride for Don ''The Snake'' Prudhomme DRAGSTER
Rock concert sites ARENAS
Romain de Tirtoff's pseudonym ERTE
Setting for Margaret Mead's first book SAMOA
She played ''Ninotchka'' GRETA
Shopping hub of old Athens AGORA
Sleep disruption APNEA
Some senate votes YEAS
Soon, to a bard ANON
Specialized vocabulary ARGOT
Sweet sap source MAPLE
Tablet holder ARK
Take effect SETIN
Teetotaler's choice, perhaps COLA
They don't chew their food BOAS
They line some old streets ELMS
Topmost position ACME
Traveling exhibit ROADSHOW
Trying experience ORDEAL
Turned over, as property CEDED
Type of gold chain ROPE
Type of insurance DENTAL
Vague amount SOME
Varied mixture OLIO
Wesley Snipes superhero role BLADE
What George Washington couldn't tell ALIE
What Liz and Richard did REWED
Where Rubbermaid was started OHIO
Wide-spouted mantel decoration EWER
Wooden and Walton's school UCLA
Word repeated in an "Animal House" chant TOGA
Word with gas or cell NERVE
___ contendere (court plea) NOLO
___ high standard SETA
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