How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 02 2016

"... with ___ in sight" NOEND
"As to" PER
"Cinderella" event BALL
"East" or "west" endings ERNS
"Faster!" HURRY
"Jaws" sighting FIN
"She loves me" decider PETAL
"Time is money," e.g ADAGE
"Vamoose!" SHOO
Atomizer output MIST
Basket maker? SCORER
Beat one's ___ (jabber) GUMS
Building used for sports ARENA
Bungle up ERR
Calls, in poker SEES
Caspian Sea tributary URAL
Cast-of-thousands film EPIC
Changes color, in a way DYES
Commonplace, as writing PROSY
Cotton thread used for hosiery LISLE
Deep mud MIRE
Deep red blood pigment HEME
Didn't stay divorced REWED
Do a lawn job EDGE
Drive-___ THRU
Dundee native SCOT
Elder son, often HEIR
Extremely delicate, as beauty ETHEREAL
Eyeball-bending drawings OPART
Fiendish or wicked EVIL
Flanders of animation NED
Foot-activated devices TREADLES
Grain beards AWNS
Grig, when grown EEL
Gross out NAUSEATE
Harps' older relatives LYRES
Harvard rival YALE
Impersonator APER
Indo-European ARYAN
Installs a ready-made lawn SODS
Jack Horner's fruits PLUMS
Jury member, essentially PEER
Like a centenarian OLD
Like Halloween sounds EERIE
Like many marsh plants REEDY
Low guys at the opera BASSI
Luminous surrounding AURA
Make impressions? ETCH
Maximal suffix EST
Melon protector RIND
Minute amount IOTA
More than risque LEWD
Name on many jeans' labels LEVI
Not what it once was THEWORSEFORWEAR
One in agreement ASSENTER
Opera tenor's tune ARIA
Pencil attachment ERASER
Pension starter? SUS
Poverty-stricken NEEDY
Procrastinator's promise LATER
Question upon meeting a stranger WHEREAREYOUFROM
Registers register them SALES
Seemingly without end ETERNAL
Sheds tears CRIES
Sounds the bells PEALS
Stagnation INERTIA
Steak condiment SAUCE
Still-life pitcher EWER
The IT department manages it SYSTEMSSOFTWARE
Till contents CASH
Topple from power OUST
Upscale eatery CAFE
Valuable stone GEM
Watermelon discard SEED
Yard divisions FEET
___ and downs UPS
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