How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 30 2007

''No ___, no foul'' HARM
''Saved by the ___'' BELL
Accentuate STRESS
African city near dams ASWAN
Animated film of 1942 BAMBI
Arcade classic PACMAN
Attempt STAB
Awfully long time BLUEMOON
Barracks break MESS
Be beholden to OWE
Blue blood NOBLE
Blunt criticism BRICKBAT
Boat launches RAMPS
Brandi's one-time soccer teammate MIA
Brilliant successes COUPS
Brings up, as a child REARS
Bundle of money WAD
Calls Mary Larry, e.g. ERRS
Catch by the neck, in a way LASSO
Cheese source GUERNSEY
Chinese-born architect PEI
Chocolate alternative CAROB
Collectible cap, once POG
Comedian ''Colonel Maggie'' Martha RAYE
Cravings and Japanese coins YENS
Cured salmon LOX
Diagrammatic representations SCHEMATA
Don Corleone, for one MOBSTER
Dylan's ''I ___ Lonesome Hobo'' AMA
Emancipate SETFREE
EPA-banned chemicals PCBS
Factor in beauty? MAX
Feline film heroine ELSA
Glutton PIG
Gnu feature MANE
Hive compartment CELL
Identity verifier PASSWORD
IRS shelter IRA
It may be irresistible URGE
Kind of committee ADHOC
Legislative decisions ACTS
Like leaves in late Autumn SERE
Lord's Prayer opener OUR
Man who once backed Michael Jackson TITO
Merchandise mover SALE
Modeled WORE
Mythical beasts UNICORNS
NASA thumbs-up AOK
Nautical start AERO
Occupational suffix EER
On open waters ASEA
Overcharge mightily SOAK
Paper pack REAM
Plentiful AMPLE
Police weapon TASER
Prefix with ''pod'' or ''angle'' TRI
Qualified ABLE
Robert Ruark novel UHURU
Sami, formerly LAPP
Sandpapery ROUGH
Send forth EMIT
Small at-home business COTTAGEINDUSTRY
Southwest area of Germany BADEN
Space station MIR
Splits sans scissors RIPS
Squabbling ATIT
Square measure AREA
St. Bernard's beat SWISSALPS
Stockpiles HOARDS
The ''necktie'' in a necktie party NOOSE
Title IX beneficiary FEMALE
Trade punches SPAR
Two-time batting champ Lefty ODOUL
Vanilla-flavored drink CREAMSODA
Village Voice honor OBIE
Washstand pitcher EWER
Watch for AWAIT
Winter Olympics participant SKIER
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