How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 29 2014

"Encore!" AGAIN
"Fantasy Island" prop LEI
"Gilligan's Island" constructs HUTS
"Green Eggs and Ham" man SAM
"The Republic" writer PLATO
1996 Olympic torch lighter ALI
2-2, e.g TIE
Abbr. next to a telephone number RES
Abnormal sac CYST
African antelope NYALA
Airfare plus lodging and transportation PACKAGEDEAL
Aleut's abode IGLOO
Alluring skirt feature SLIT
Almanac feature MAP
Always, poetically EER
Ancient upright stone slab STELA
Animal carrier ARK
Anita Brookner's "Hotel du ___" LAC
Approaches NEARS
Ashes holder URN
Bamboozles CONS
Bar furniture STOOL
Be a royal pain to PESTER
Be enrolled in a college MATRICULATE
Be of the same mind AGREE
Be of use AVAIL
Bonny one LASS
Bread spreads OLEOS
Busy IRS mo APR
Cabals PLOTS
Caesarian attire TUNIC
Captains of industry TYCOONS
Chip enhancer SALSA
Christmas mo DEC
Clothing fold PLEAT
Colorful carp KOI
Come from behind RALLY
Computer fodder INPUT
Desk-drawer item RULER
Deviation from the norm ANOMALY
Easy winners SHOOINS
Envelope closer CLASP
Famous Peter PIPER
Far from irrelevant APROPOS
Full of chutzpah NERVY
Gumbo vegetables OKRAS
Instruct and uplift EDIFY
Is behind TRAILS
It's required in court ORDER
Khan's title AGA
Kind of milk SKIM
Knightly address SIR
Makes orderly NEATENS
Met display ART
Miss the mark ERR
Monopoly abbr AVE
Moon landscape features CRATERS
Muddy footprint, sometimes CLUE
Pertaining to bees APIAN
Pertaining to the universe MACROCOSMIC
Prefix with "classical" NEO
Prefix with "test" PRE
Root used in perfumes ORRIS
Season preceding Easter LENT
Sicilian seaport PALERMO
Sloping mass of rocks SCREE
Smug moralist PRIG
Some prescriptions PAINKILLERS
Sperm's destination OVUM
Spot broadcast, often PROMO
Start of many a feud RIFT
Street shader ELM
Strong cleaner LYE
Suburban chauffeurs, often MOMS
Voice range SOPRANO
Wine bottle word CRU
Woodsman's memento STUMP
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