How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 28 2018

"Let's get goin'!" cmon
"What!?" look stare
Adjust a chronometer reset
African lilies aloes
Air freshener's byproduct scent
Ancient Andean settler inca
Anger rile
Arouse, as wrath incur
Author Sinclair upton
Bar chaser soda
Basketry willow osier
Be a headliner star
Be a prodder urgeon
Beastly creature ogre
Biblical mountain sinai
Bit of medicine dose
Bring into being sire
California pro padre
Call it a day quit
Celebrants' wear albs
Corporate emblem logo
Decorative fabric toile
E.R. cry stat
Endeavors tries
Eyelid inflammation stye
Fish eggs roe
Fit to drive sober
Frosty rimed
Gold measure ounce
Golden rule word unto
Golden things of fast food arches
Had a plateful ate
Hopping mad irate
Hybrid feline tigon
Leaves off omits
Like a hollowed-out apple cored
Like considerate people mindfulofothers
Make calm, in a way sedate
Marine hazard reef
More than impressing blowingonesmind
Motion picture cine
Munched noshed
Nemesis foe
Norse king name olav
Nostrils nares
Not be nosy mindonespsandqs
Not yet mailed unsent
Opener intro
Opera feature aria
Paradise on Earth eden
Place for antiques? roadshow
Poker buy-in ante
Polo grounds? asia
Port "Stop!" avast
Prom car, briefly limo
Purplish-reds magentas
Push, as a product tout
Quaint paving stone sett
River to the Missouri osage
Root of taroГ%82В plants eddo
Signal from the wings cue
Singer Amos tori
Sound from a mean exit slam
Speechify orate
Spoken said
Suit type in museums armor
Surgeon's cover-ups? scrubs
Trifling criticisms nits
U-turn from "fer" agin
U-turn from aye nay
VCR pioneer rca
Wine valley napa
With no slack taut
Without, fancy sans
Yen fraction sen
___ the Red eric
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