How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 28 2010

"And Then There Were ___" NONE
"Arabian Nights" figure, ___ Baba ALI
"Measure twice, cut ___" ONCE
"___ many cooks spoil the broth" TOO
ABC rival CBS
Agonize (over) FRET
AK-47 relative UZI
Attachment for 30-Down ROD
Be in need of repair STOPWORKING
Becomes less dense THINS
Behave like Gloomy Gus MOPE
Between, quaintly TWIXT
Big Band or Prohibition ERA
Brother of Moses AARON
Cat's quarry MOUSE
Co. with brown uniforms UPS
Con men pull them RUSES
Contribute to the mix ADDIN
Crossword clue direction DOWN
Culbertson of bridge fame ELY
Cupid's missile ARROW
Diddly-squat NIL
Directly, in directions DUE
Eighteen, usually LEGALAGE
Embarrass ABASH
Fauna's companion FLORA
Fishing reel winder SPOOL
Force forward IMPEL
Forget to include OMIT
Frat party dispenser KEG
Greek letter T TAU
Guggenheim stuff ART
Hemp source SISAL
Insist on payment from DUN
It'll float your boat SEA
Jefferson City's state MISSOURI
Jimi with an afro HENDRIX
Kind of basin or wave TIDAL
LaBeouf of "Transformers" SHIA
Letter with a right angle ELL
Limo window feature TINT
Love's antithesis HATE
Mrs. Dithers of "Blondie" CORA
Opposite of fore AFT
Owner of a stud farm BREEDER
PC linking system LAN
Piece of accurate information FACT
Poker verb SEE
Practice that won't leave you in stitches? NUDISM
Prefix meaning "straight" RECTI
Printer measures EMS
Pro basketball game site ARENA
Readily available ONTAP
Ref's cousin UMP
Rush down in big quantities CASCADE
Sausage alternative BACON
Shameful and shocking DISGRACEFUL
Shelter for doves COTE
State tree of Massachusetts ELM
Struggle painfully (over) AGONIZE
Suffix with "invent" ION
Superman's foe Luthor LEX
Sure success CINCH
Syllable from the stands RAH
Title for Churchill SIR
Tree marketed in December FIR
Two-masted sailing vessel KETCH
Type ILK
Unrequired OPTIONAL
Unwaveringly STEADFASTLY
Verse on a vase? ODE
Weaken with water DILUTE
Wear and tear USE
White-tailed sea eagle ERNE
With the bow, to a violinist ARCO
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