How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 27 2014

"Absolutely!" YES
"Check this out!" PSST
"It's ___!" (thumbs-up reply) AGO
"Oh boy!" GOODY
"Planet of the ___" APES
"The Sound of Music" backdrop ALPS
"___ of Eden" EAST
24 hours ago YESTERDAY
Accused's need ALIBI
Acknowledge AVOW
Affirm AVER
Amiens is its capital SOMME
Ancient city NW of Carthage UTICA
Animal that bugles ELK
Astute SHARP
Athena's blood ICHOR
Baggage handler PORTER
Bakery appliance OVEN
Beast of burden ASS
Bed sheet material LINEN
Break down, in a way PARSE
Breezed through, as a test ACED
Brief life story BIO
Brother of Cain and Abel SETH
Certain Balkan CROAT
Certain charts BARGRAPHS
Chairman's need GAVEL
Chop off, as branches LOP
Cousin of a raccoon COATI
Crude, unpleasant person BOOR
Decline WANE
Deliberate loss, to a boxer DIVE
Egg on GOAD
Exotic berry ACAI
Fall deeply in love GOHEADOVERHEELS
Fold, spindle or mutilate MAR
Frat letter RHO
Great destruction HAVOC
Hacienda drudge PEON
Improve, as a skill HONE
In pieces APART
Kind of lettuce BIBB
Lennon's wife ONO
Like some births BREECH
Little lizard EFT
Marriage and others RITES
Monopolize HOG
Nave neighbor APSE
Not home AWAY
Nutritional regimen DIET
Obscure BEDIM
Old Western choker NOOSE
Pet tag datum OWNER
Photo ___ (media events) OPS
Piece of Latin percussion CLAVE
Repetitive learning styles ROTES
Respectful form of address MADAM
Sara Teasdale, e.g POETESS
Says "When?" ASKS
Scrub in the tub BATHE
Sheik's women HAREM
Single dance move? CHA
Something that can't be undone WATEROVERTHEDAM
Star in Aquila ALTAIR
Supporting vote YEA
Symbol of strength STEEL
Tendency to sin ERRANCY
The Doors' "When the ___ Over" MUSICS
Tosses in ADDS
Used a scope AIMED
Uses the ocean for a garbage can THROWSOVERBOARD
Work the land FARM
___ as a judge SOBER
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