How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 26 2012

"... or ___!" ELSE
"As You Like It" character CELIA
"Do not open till ___" XMAS
"Don't hurt me!" e.g PLEA
"I Am a Lonesome ___" (Dylan song) HOBO
"Jeopardy!" contestant, say ASKER
"Madama Butterfly" sashes OBIS
"No ice, bartender" NEAT
"Party of Five" actress Campbell NEVE
"Planet of the ___" APES
"Punxsutawney ___" PHIL
"Three up, three down" results OUTS
"Yours, Mine and ___" OURS
"___ for the poor" ALMS
"___ good example" SETA
A bit of antiquity RELIC
A California Santa ROSA
A great distance AFAR
Abstract painting style of the '60s OPART
Abundant GALORE
Actor's implement PROP
Administered with a spoon ORAL
Angle maker BEVEL
Apportioned, as cards DEALT
Arizona flattop MESA
Astringent or styptic ALUM
Backspace relative DELETE
Behave like a bunny HOP
Better for the job APTER
Biggest seat in the house SOFA
Broach, as a subject GOINTO
Canine's coat? TARTAR
Carefully select CULL
Cheerleading maneuvers SPLITS
Chimney accumulation SOOT
Clean with high-velocity particles SANDBLAST
Comparatively peculiar ODDER
Comstock entrance ADIT
Convince using compliments SMOOTHTALK
Cow-horned Egyptian goddess ISIS
Creepy look LEER
Cry of a sheep BLEAT
Deep-voiced opera singer BASSO
Easily flimflammed NAIVE
Electronic control mechanism SERVO
Ending for "sea" or "way" FARER
Eradicated disease SMALLPOX
Ex-Soviet news agency TASS
Feed bag bite OAT
Fundamental BASAL
Furnace, e.g HEATER
Get ___ (receive a good grade) ANA
Half the "Who's on First?" team ABBOTT
Hauntingly strange EERIE
Hawaii howdy ALOHA
Hike to the quarterback SNAP
Ice cream serving SCOOP
Large public space ARENA
One exchanging party favors? POL
Oxford or pump SHOE
Palm roofing material THATCH
Pasture field LEA
Provides food CATERS
Rockefeller's biz OIL
Safe harbors HAVENS
Sax type ALTO
Shakespearean title character or New Testament epistle TITUS
Sierra ___ LEONE
Small lie FIB
Taps, in the British military LASTPOST
The whole shebang ALL
Tradesman PLYER
___-Cola COCA
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