How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 23 2015

"Am ___ blame?" ITO
"E," to Einstein ENERGY
"Once more!" AGAIN
"Yuck" cousin UGH
10th-anniversary metal TIN
After-bath powder TALC
Anchor cable hole HAWSE
Apportion ALLOT
Aquarium TANK
Backboard attachment RIM
Be imaginative DREAMDREAMS
Biblical song PSALM
Bit of body art, slangily TAT
Black billiard ball EIGHT
Breed of dairy cattle KERRY
Call, as a game REF
Calligrapher's containers INKPOTS
Cast anew REFORGE
Clobbered SMOTE
Compound of gold AURATE
Comrade in arms ALLY
Continental money EUROS
Country crooner Haggard MERLE
David Carradine series of the '70s KUNGFU
Debussy's "La ___" MER
Depth charge target UBOAT
Director Levinson BARRY
First word of "Jabberwocky" TWAS
French nobleman COMTE
Full of back talk LIPPY
Good, long bath SOAK
Good-hearted KIND
Had on WORE
Happens to, old-style BETIDES
Highlander, e.g KILTIE
Highway directive MERGE
Hoglike mammal TAPIR
Indian coin RUPEE
Injures grievously MAIMS
Japanese menu item SUSHI
Japanese wrap OBI
Je t'aime ___ cheri" MON
Like many a stuffed animal FURRY
Loose, crumbly deposit MARL
Mai ___ (cocktail) TAI
Make giddy ELATE
Matterhorn, e.g ALP
Mentally acute APT
Mongrel dog CUR
Nags or needles HECTORS
Nymph in Greek myth OREAD
One of the NFL's Mannings ELI
Orange covers RINDS
Parenting challenges TEENS
Partner of one? ONLY
Pig's home STY
Pluralizing letters ESSES
Ring around the collar? LEI
Scrub the floor MOP
Shake things up CREATEASTIR
Skeleton segment BONE
Small songbirds WRENS
Smokey's preserves FORESTS
Start for "fab" or "face" PRE
Strong silklike fabric RAMIE
Suffix with "high" EST
Sure things CINCHES
Swelled head EGO
Thai currency BAHT
To the ___ degree NTH
Twenty questions category MINERAL
Word before "Christmas" MERRY
Young one's horse PONY
___-frutti TUTTI
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