How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 23 2014

"Bingo!" AHA
"Catch!" HERE
"I called it!" DIBS
"S"-shaped molding OGEE
'60s psychedelic LSD
Abbr. after a name, sometimes RET
Affirm AVER
Affirm STATE
After-bath wear ROBE
All there upstairs SANE
Annoying person PEST
Army camp vittles MESS
Astern AFT
Attacks BESETS
Attempt, slangily STAB
Beast of burden ASS
Beat (out) NOSED
Biblical preposition UNTO
Big first for baby STEP
Biology lab supply AGAR
Bismarck's first name OTTO
Boston's DiMaggio DOM
Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff DREGS
Brought home takeout ATEIN
Car freshener scent PINE
Carnival tune LILT
Carried, as by the wind BORNE
Certain search engine GOOGLE
Christian of fashion DIOR
Convex molding OVOLO
Creole vegetable OKRA
Crumbs ORTS
Cutlass, e.g OLDS
Deadens acoustically DAMPS
Distinctive atmosphere AURA
Dressing targets SORES
Elaine in "Seinfeld" BENES
Electronic communication EMAIL
Foot digit TOE
Foot in a line IAMBUS
Galileo's birthplace PISA
Get-out-of-jail money BAIL
Got on the nerves of IRKED
Growing produce for restaurants MARKETGARDENING
Hail Mary, e.g PASS
Heaviest noble gas RADON
In addition ELSE
Kind of apartment STUDIO
Kind of cell STEM
Lady of Lisbon DONA
Language of Lahore URDU
Leave in a hurry (with "out") PEEL
Ledger entry DEBIT
Major U.S. lake ERIE
Maryland athlete TERRAPIN
Milky gems OPALS
Miscalculator's aid ERASER
No. 4 of the Boston Bruins ORR
Noted code developer MORSE
Of grand proportions EPIC
Orangelike fruit GENIPAP
Places to crash INNS
President Eisenhower's nickname IKE
Recede gradually EBB
Requirement for e-commerce WEBSITE
Show penitence ATONE
Spanish sherry AMOROSO
Start to shine? SHOE
Transport with runners SLED
Turkish-bath feature STEAM
Urban blight SLUM
Western law assemblage POSSE
Window-shop BROWSE
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