How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 22 2016

"Amen!" ILLSAY
"How was ___ know?" ITO
"Yuck!" relative ICK
Agreement among countries ENTENTE
Animals with striped legs OKAPIS
Avoid, as responsibility EVADE
Be partially asleep DROWSE
Brazil metropolis, familiarly RIO
Card for a fortune-teller TAROT
Certain NFLers RAVENS
Classical lyric poem EPODE
Clublike weapons of old MACES
Comparatively friendly NICER
Completely appeases one's hunger SATES
Confederate President Jefferson DAVIS
Convent resident NUN
Crouched STOOPED
Czech or Croat SLAV
Detachable shirt collar DICKEY
Developing newt EFT
Dirty rats LOUSES
Displaying no emotion STOIC
Enigma in the sky UFO
Fleur de ___ LIS
Foaming at the mouth RABID
Forbidden in polite society TABOO
French painter Henri MATISSE
Get bent out of shape? WARP
Gives kudos to LAUDS
Haggard who sang country MERLE
Hairy bovine BISON
Hardly a big wheel COG
Hawaiian veranda LANAI
Hunter in the night sky ORION
Illinois city PEORIA
Is a fault-finder CARPS
It can get you stuff MONEY
Japanese cummerbund OBI
Karloff of old horror films BORIS
Keeping on the stove too long OVERCOOKING
Leave the country? SECEDE
Less desirable turkey parts NECKS
Like instantly TAKETO
Mandela's org ANC
More maneuverable at sea YARER
Musical composition ETUDE
NBA team welcome in Jurassic Park? RAPTORS
North or South end POLE
Noun-forming suffix ION
Olympic teams NATIONS
One of the Gabor sisters EVA
One way to follow behind CLOSELY
Possessing wisdom SAPIENT
Prado Museum home MADRID
Prefix with "structure" INFRA
Quaint eatery BISTRO
Ransacking weapon? RIFLE
Removing ice cream from its carton, e.g SCOOPINGOUT
Saber rattlers MENACES
Sharp Italian cheese ROMANO
Sly tricks WILES
Solitary figure? ONE
Some alcoholic beverages WINECOOLERS
Sound of deflation? SSS
Tea offering PEKOE
Three-part treats OREOCOOKIES
Tiny bits of work ERGS
Tiny pests MITES
Top of the head CROWN
Utilizes a gym TONES
Wanda of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" SYKES
Widespread fear PANIC
Without an umbrella on a rainy day, perhaps WET
___ out (just manage) EKE
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