How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 22 2012

"... and children of all ___!" AGES
"CHiPs" star Estrada ERIK
"Farewell, amigo!" ADIOS
"Hard ___!" (nautical command) ALEE
"Hello, hello, hello," e.g ECHO
"Iron Horse" Gehrig LOU
"The Call of the Wild" vehicle SLED
"The Dukes of Hazzard" deputy sheriff ENOS
"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" spinoff RHODA
"Thumbs way up!" review RAVE
"___ Flux" (2005 Charlize Theron movie) AEON
"___ makes waste" HASTE
1776 patriot Silas DEANE
Abridge, perhaps EDIT
Accessory for a smoking jacket ASCOT
Agenda component ITEM
Air spray targets ODORS
Airborne fish eaters ERNS
Alpine lake TARN
Amino acid carrier RNA
Arabian Peninsula kingdom OMAN
Arafat's successor ABBAS
Baker's gadget SIFTER
Banks may float them LOANS
Beg forgiveness ATONE
Blacken, as a steak SEAR
Celtic language ERSE
Chore list header TODO
Classroom jottings NOTES
Computer character code ASCII
Costume for "I, Claudius" TUNIC
Cotton compactor BALER
Decent, so to speak CLAD
Defense group founded in 1949 NATO
Deprive of one's nerve UNMAN
Dictator's dictum EDICT
Dry riverbeds WADIS
Edible rootstock TARO
Endowment beneficiary DONEE
Entrance's opposite EGRESS
Entry fee for a poker hand ANTE
Extra benefits PLUSES
Feeling happy appreciation GLAD
Feels sick AILS
Floating on high ALOFT
Former Portuguese territory in China MACAU
Go ahead of ANTECEDE
Grazing ground LEA
Imagination product IDEA
It's grown in ears CORN
Jolt provider in a car BUMP
Long-distance call starter ONE
Make queasy NAUSEATE
Not sleeping AWAKE
Notch made by a saw KERF
Only a stone's throw away NEAR
Part of a baby's vocabulary DADA
Pass the breaking point SNAP
Places to call home ABODES
Reflex test site KNEE
Represent by drawing LIMN
River through Paris SEINE
Shelley output ODE
Ship's line-securing post BITT
Shower in public? RAIN
Sounds at a doctor's office AHS
Stimulates, as curiosity PIQUES
Take a gander LOOK
Terra- ___ (fired clay) COTTA
Treasure container CHEST
Wanted poster initials AKA
Window cleaner's blemish STREAK
___ man's bluff BLIND
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