How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 19 2003

"Doe, a ___ ..." DEER
"The Old ___ Bucket" OAKEN
A brassica KALE
A plague, in Exodus FROGS
Arab potentate EMIR
Back FRO
Ball in the net, sometimes LET
Bumped off, as a dragon SLEW
Burgoo STEW
Cannon attachment ADE
Capital near Lake Tuz ANKARA
Cause the demise of DOIN
Certain marksmanship event TURKEYSHOOT
Chagall and Antony MARCS
Champaign STEPPE
Contemporary of Duke and Louis ELLA
Corrosive stuff ACID
Curved part of a lamp GOOSENECK
Expressionist painter Nolde EMIL
Father's concern? MASS
Fly in the ointment SNAFU
Flynn on screen ERROL
Foreboding sign OMEN
Freeloader LEECH
Furrowed RUTTED
Go hither and yon, hither and yon ROVE
Grant basis NEED
Guthrie of folk music ARLO
Hautboy, e.g. REED
Hectored RODE
Hilo hi ALOHA
Hitchcock's first color film ROPE
It hurts when it's turned ANKLE
It takes off at night REDEYE
It's often by your side ARM
Khartoum's locale SUDAN
Kind of chair or car SEDAN
Kind of collar FLEA
Like Poe's work EERIE
Lurk in the shadows SKULK
Male dandiprats TADS
Martin Crane's dog EDDIE
Miles per hour, e.g. RATE
More perceptive KEENER
Musical composition PIECE
Out of the weather ALEE
Overdramatize EMOTE
Overindulge GLUT
Pass by ELAPSE
Place for a valve AORTA
Place for old biddies? CHICKENCOOP
Planking for marshy ground DUCKBOARD
Provable TRUE
Romantic meetings TRYSTS
Sing loudly without inhibition TROLL
Slapstick prop PIE
Sloppy Joe's home? STY
Small needle purse ETUI
Snowmobile parts SKIS
Some are thrilling, some boring, all are long SAGAS
Steep banks BLUFFS
Strew or sprinkle about SOW
Sums it all up RECAPS
Supplemented ADDED
The best of all worlds IDEAL
They cover your butt LEVIS
Things way up north or way down south POLES
Treble clef singer ALTO
Tucks away STOWS
Type of music some find annoying LOUD
Type of tape DEMO
Walk fancily SASHAY
Was a bounder? LEAPT
Wingless blood-suckers LICE
Words from the pros AYES
Yawning fissure CHASM
Your team's allowed 27 per game, typically OUTS
___ of America MALL
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