How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 17 2015

"Pipe down!" SHH
"To ___ is human ..." ERR
A human need AIR
A way the wind blows LEEWARD
Aboard a liner ASEA
Accompany ESCORT
Amiss OFF
Ancient AGEOLD
Animal house DEN
Astronomer Hubble EDWIN
Attorneys passed it BAR
Australian big bird EMU
Banking machine, briefly ATM
Barber's job TRIM
Barnyard butter? RAM
Bean counter, for short CPA
Befuddle FOG
Beta's follower GAMMA
Boat with an open hold SCOW
Born in Cardiff, e.g WELSH
Bread unit LOAF
Buy-one-get-one-free item? SCISSOR
Collapses FALLS
Come to mind ARISE
Common ground cover VINCA
Construction girder IBEAM
Covering for the head HAT
Cut at an angle BEVEL
Delay LAG
Egg cells OVA
Egg-shaped OVATE
Encompass or envelop ENFOLD
Essence SOUL
Eyeball-bending drawings OPART
Field measure ACRE
Frightening sound? BOO
Frock wearer FRIAR
Go backpacking HIKE
Golfers' shouts FORES
Heartthrob FLAME
Historic times ERAS
In view of the fact that FORASMUCHAS
Interstate sign GAS
Jewish man of God RABBI
Like Erik the Red NORSE
Macaroni variety ELBOW
Make cutting blows HEW
Masonry finish STUCCO
Money in Milan, once LIRA
Monopoly fees RENTS
Nebraska metropolis OMAHA
Noted back-breaker STRAW
Pago Pago locale SAMOA
Painter Georgia OKEEFFE
Paris railway METRO
Pitching star ACE
Pre-delivery time LABOR
Premeditation FORETHOUGHT
Rats' hangout SEWER
Remove, as shoes SLIPOFF
Roberts of "Everybody Loves Raymond" DORIS
Salamanders, early on EFTS
Sewing machine pedal TREADLE
Shrinking body of water ARALSEA
Sick ILL
Skid row habitues, stereotypically WINOS
Something to tote BAG
Thin layers of rock FOLIA
Tractor-trailer SEMI
Unbeliever, to some INFIDEL
What dispensaries dispense DRUGS
Winter warmers WOOLENS
Zilch NIL
___-Roman GRECO
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