How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 15 2010

"Despite that ..." EVENSO
"Don't go yet" STAYAWHILE
"You, Me and Dupree" actor Wilson OWEN
"___ You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" ARE
Another music genre GOSPEL
Be steadfast HOLDTHELINE
Benefit event, often GALA
Bother persistently HARASS
Bow, the "It Girl" CLARA
Brand of building blocks LEGO
Carpenter's file RASP
Cash in Ginza YEN
Column of boxes on a questionnaire NOES
Commotion HOOHAH
Completely closed SHUT
Con that cons a con man STING
Coupe or sedan AUTO
Destructive volcano in Sicily ETNA
Dish of many ingredients OLIO
Emulated Anne Rice WROTE
Fiber-___ cable OPTIC
Fill with bubbles AERATE
Fine cotton thread LISLE
Formed whirlpools EDDIED
Furnace film SOOT
Gauchos' plains LLANOS
Georgia city ATHENS
Great Lake port ERIE
Gun or ear cleaner SWAB
Hayseed TV series HEEHAW
Invention inspiration IDEA
Invisible health hazard RADON
Item in many hotel room closets IRON
Itty-bitty bit IOTA
Jumping-off place EDGE
M.D.'s milieus HOSPS
Magnani and Christie ANNAS
Metro-station entrance STILE
Mr. Bean portrayer Atkinson ROWAN
Music genre ROCK
Nonreactive, as some gases INERT
Not crazy SANE
Ovine oration BAA
Participate in a primary VOTE
Parting words for someone moving away KEEPINTOUCH
Pay to play ANTE
Photo ___ (pol's news events) OPS
Place for embroidery scissors ETUI
Populous Japanese city OSAKA
Priority male? BEAU
Prison yard residents CONS
Pueblo material ADOBE
Reaches its highest level CRESTS
Remaining to be paid OWED
September's number NINE
Shepherd's expanse LEA
Simple test answer TRUE
Singer Willie NELSON
Skin-cream additive ALOE
Snaky creatures EELS
Source of pumice LAVA
Summoned, as the butler RANG
Tasks at checkout counters SCANS
Tennis star Williams VENUS
The Hawkeye State IOWA
They travel around the clock HANDS
Tournament seeding DRAW
Travel agency to the stars? NASA
Upgrade, as the decor REDO
Wine partner DINE
Winning, for now AHEAD
Word of contempt PISH
Word that always brings a smile? CHEESE
Yonder thingamabob THAT
Young kiltie LAD
___ Peak, Colo. PIKES
___-friendly (easy to operate) USER
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