How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 15 2009

"A rose by any ___ name ..." OTHER
"All in the Family" producer Norman LEAR
"Boola Boola" collegian ELI
"Brown Eyed Girl" singer Morrison VAN
"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" author DAHL
"Get your hands off me!" LETGO
"Look" follower ALIKE
"The Untouchables," e.g. FEDS
"Who Needs the Kwik-E-___?" (song from "The Simpsons") MART
180 deg. from WSW ENE
A concha tops it APSE
Abbr. seen in Bartlett's IDEM
After-school companion PLAYMATE
Ankle bones TARSI
Art with chops KARATE
Attracted LURED
Bad place for a roller skate STAIR
Battery parts ANODES
Big ref. DICT
Boat front PROW
Brewer's equipment OAST
Burdensome possession WHITEELEPHANT
Certain vineyard valley NAPA
Chair support ARM
Chair, as a committee HEADUP
Devoted follower PARTISAN
Done with a wink, say SLY
Donned WORE
Dramatic pause (Var.) CESURA
Early hammer thrower THOR
End of a Rugby game NOSIDE
Extremely TOO
Extremely exasperated BLUEINTHEFACE
Ferber of "Giant" fame EDNA
First person you see at some fine restaurants VALET
Fix errata EDIT
From a fresh angle ANEW
Girl in the family SIS
Humane Society adoptee PET
Indian nannies AMAHS
Infuriation IRE
Language of Katmandu NEPALI
Like oxen pulling a plow YOKED
Live oak of California ENCINA
Modern pentathlon object EPEE
Monitored communications? EMAIL
Noted candy company MARS
Novelist Haggard's title SIR
One holding up a sign at the airport, e.g. MEETER
One may be turned PHRASE
Pass by, as time LAPSE
Peyton or Melrose PLACE
Place for a buggy DUNE
Platoon, e.g. UNIT
Powers-of-10 system METRIC
Preset path ROUTE
Return the favor REPAY
Rigging holder SPAR
Sailor's delight REDSKYATNIGHT
Served as manager of RAN
Special things? OPS
Stay attached (to) ADHERE
The horse in "National Velvet" (with "The") PIE
There companion HERE
Tony winner Lane NATHAN
Two-way poetic preposition ERE
Type of whale HUMPBACK
U.S. Constitution inspirer John LOCKE
Wanted-poster information REWARD
Wee warbler WREN
What to call a lady MAAM
Where there was no room INN
Youngest March sister AMY
___-in-waiting (queen's attendant) LADY
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