How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 12 2007

''Amo'' follower AMAT
''Gil ___ de Santillane'' (Le Sage work) BLAS
''Home Improvement'' prop TOOL
''Kate & ___'' ALLIE
''The Wreck of the Mary ___'' DEARE
About half the people in revolving doors ENTERERS
Appear like RESEMBLE
Autumn sight in suburbia RAKER
Basker's delight RAYS
Book of the Gospel LUKE
Broadcast AIR
Broke off ENDED
Brought to tears MOVED
Cassowary kin EMU
Cheese concoction MELT
Clip contents AMMO
Condor's home AERIE
Coral rings ATOLLS
Dash in the kitchen SALT
Distinctive badge EMBLEM
Dutch export EDAM
Early jazz BOP
Ex-jockey Turcotte RON
Exercised one's wanderlust ROVED
Fall guy GOAT
Fictional elephant king BABAR
First victim ABEL
French waterway LOIRE
Geisel's pen name SEUSS
Gifted with the gift of gab GLIB
Hang up? HOVER
Immature newts EFTS
Indigo source ANIL
It has its reservations HOTEL
It may follow a shuffle DEAL
It's only one until you cross it TEE
Jimmy Carter had one PEANUTFARM
Lacking in expression TONELESS
Like a whisperer's breath BATED
Like Christmas and Hanukkah SEASONAL
Middle's middle DEES
Minus LESS
Nike competitor PUMA
Partially open AJAR
Pivot bar LEVER
Pot addition ANTE
Pre-owned USED
Prohibition prohibition DRINK
Pulls a heist ROBS
Put aboard LADE
Rudolph or Santa, notably REDNOSED
Russian range URALS
Said something REMARKED
Santa Claus feature JELLYBELLY
Sidekick CRONY
Skips over OMITS
Some are fine ARTS
Spreader of the theme answers BREADKNIFE
Stare in astonishment GAPE
Stirred in ADDED
Supply the reception CATER
The Lone Ranger's real name REID
The younger Guthrie ARLO
Torched LIT
Triangular Greek letter DELTA
Turkey brand BUTTERBALL
Type of formality MERE
Type of shark MAKO
Unlikely, as chances SLIM
Vacuum tube gas ARGON
Valedictorian's platform DAIS
Warning sign OMEN
Western Nevada city RENO
Woodard of ''Beauty Shop'' ALFRE
___ qua non SINE
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