How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 10 2011

Acapulco appetizer TAPA
An American airline UNITED
Any Barnes & Noble, e.g. BOOKSTORE
Audio feedback of a sort ECHO
Basis of an invention IDEA
Bibliography abbr. ETAL
Burns of documentaries KEN
Christmas trio MAGI
Clump on a potter's wheel CLAY
Compound with multiple forms ISOMER
Debacle FIASCO
Drop for a 10-count KAYO
Ethiopian's neighbor SOMALI
Fettuccine sauce ALFREDO
First O of O-O-O TIC
Food thickener AGAR
Football-shaped OVOID
Gas in some signs NEON
Genesis paradise EDEN
Gospel source BIBLE
Greenhouse louse APHID
Grounded Australian birds EMUS
Group of eight OCTAD
Gumbo vegetables OKRAS
Invent an idiom? COINAPHRASE
It might have a single coconut tree ISLET
Jousting weapon LANCE
Leaves hair here and there SHEDS
Lodge member or large mammal ELK
Month on the Hebrew calendar ADAR
Mood lightener COMICRELIEF
Mouth-puckering SOUR
Neuters, as a horse GELDS
Nice ride for 51-Across LIMO
Nostalgic record OLDIE
Nursemaid of India AMAH
Office furnishing DESK
Ore-crushing machine STAMPMILL
Over and over again OFTEN
Parting word ADIOS
Perform a body check? OGLE
Post-it jotting NOTE
Prairie homes with flaps TEEPEES
Praise-filled poem ODE
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Rug with a thick pile SHAG
Script segment LINE
Show one's literacy READ
Sierra ___ LEONE
Smug grin SMIRK
Soften, as ice cream MELT
Sound from a contented cat PURR
Sow sound OINK
Spanish eight OCHO
Sports palaces ARENAS
String quartet member CELLO
Suffix with "excess" IVE
Swarming insect LOCUST
Talking-___ (scoldings) TOS
Test for gold content ASSAY
The first of Henry VIII's two Annes BOLEYN
They're full of dates PROMS
Things with strings YOYOS
Three's opposite, on a clock face NINE
Throw lightly TOSS
Tibetan priest LAMA
Turns right, on horseback GEES
Type of clause or hatch ESCAPE
Type of weapon in a Gibson film title LETHAL
Upstream swimmer SALMON
Vegas' ___ Grand MGM
Vowel quintet AEIOU
Wait for the start of a drag race IDLE
Wet behind the ___ (inexperienced) EARS
Will of Hollywood SMITH
Word with "depressive" MANIC
Wrestling maneuvers HOLDS
___ on (love excessively) DOTE
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