How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 06 2017

"It follows that ..." ERGO
"Squad" after gamblers VICE
"You can't be serious!" CMON
"___ we all?" ARENT
Abet AID
Any network broadcaster AIRER
Asian belt OBI
Asian desert GOBI
Breastbone STERNUM
Certainly not old-school MODERN
Chews up and spits out? USES
Cleaned a floor SWEPT
College period TERM
Comportment MIEN
Depression for a body shop DENT
Did a fall yard chore RAKED
Eagerness and enthusiasm AVIDNESS
Egg as a germ cell OVUM
Engine MOTOR
Essential flower oil ATTAR
Family car type SEDAN
Feature of extreme anxiety SHATTEREDNERVES
Features of masquerade balls MASKS
Foreboding sign OMEN
Forgo, as one's rights WAIVE
Friend, in Mexico AMIGO
Gain deservedly EARN
Half gainer, for one DIVE
Harvest REAP
Heavy weight TON
High-grade cotton PIMA
Historic crime-buster Eliot NESS
Honeydew MELON
Humming toy KAZOO
Indian garment SARI
Invisible energy source ATOM
It may be corny or stubbed TOE
Jack's foe GIANT
Like a certain office OVAL
Like rubberneckers AGAZE
Many bills ONES
Maryland and Pennsylvania, in D.C AVES
Mess up ERR
Mythological ship sailed by Jason ARGO
Nirvana-attaining Buddhist ARHAT
Norway's capital OSLO
One of eight in a massive birth OCTUPLET
Overused, as a saying TRITE
Owns HAS
Package sealer TAPE
Play a guitar STRUM
Popular sandwich cookie OREO
Prepared to putt or fire AIMED
Prestigious school of England ETON
Ran in a relaxed manner LOPED
Rant and ___ RAVE
Rodent turned informer? RAT
Scholar's accomplishment PHD
Sealed places for plants TERRARIA
Send forth EMIT
Sharp pain TWINGE
Sir's counterpart MAAM
Skier's transport TBAR
Small island in the Thames AIT
Some census numbers AGES
Stalk near water REED
Straight up, at a bar NEAT
Take a sledgehammer to fine china, e.g SMASHINTOPIECES
Tequila plant AGAVE
Title for Gandhi MAHATMA
Turn a frown upside down BREAKINTOASMILE
Uncooked, as meat RAW
Victory for a dieter LOSS
Well or pool measurement DEEPNESS
Worked a lasso ROPED
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
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