How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 06 2013

"Big-ticket" thing ITEM
"Full steam ___!" AHEAD
"What've you been ___?" UPTO
"Why ___ you tell me!" DIDNT
"Zip your lip!" SHUTUP
Agents' handfuls DIVAS
Arias, e.g SOLI
Assist illegally ABET
Austere and reclusive MONASTIC
Authority to make decisions SAY
Barnum's exit EGRESS
Be overly confident, say TEMPTPROVIDENCE
Become bored or weary TIRE
Boat basin MARINA
Borden's cash cow? ELSIE
Bro's partner SIS
Carries off for a ransom KIDNAPS
Cause of misery BANE
Cause of strain pain HERNIA
Chopin selections ETUDES
Controversial mentalist Geller URI
Copy cats? MEW
Cry of pain OUCH
Deadly sin of sloth ACEDIA
Display, as a picture HANG
Doorbell-answerer's word YES
Drink that may be hard or sweet CIDER
Excluding nothing INTOTO
First of a trilogy PARTI
Flashback causer LSD
Flower painted by Van Gogh IRIS
Fond du ___, Wis LAC
Forecast extreme HIGH
Forty-niner's need PAN
Hand-dyed fabrics BATIKS
High-tech speed unit BAUD
Historic astronaut Jemison MAE
Hole in one ACE
Hot off the presses NEW
Hydromassage facility SPA
Inventor's brilliant notion IDEA
It's good for what ails you REMEDY
Largest branch of Islam SUNNI
Leftover piece REMNANT
Love to pieces ADORE
Make a goof ERR
Make a sheepshank TIE
Milo of "Mystics" OSHEA
Nine-sound signal SOS
Not allowed on certain diets TREF
Pandemonium UPROAR
Pantyhose shade ECRU
Part of a pool GENE
Puget Sound seaport TACOMA
Pungent salad bar item RADISH
Put on, as a uniform WORE
Rainbow shape ARC
Reacted verbally ANSWERED
Slot machine symbol BAR
Smooth engine sound HUM
Some are personal ADS
Sudden raid INROAD
Sunrise state ASTIR
Supply with fresh troops REMAN
Tree of life site EDEN
Trooper front? PARA
Truth decay LIE
Turn ___ (start making money) PRO
Type type PICA
Underlings AIDES
Wedding notice word NEE
Well-chosen APT
What many would-be-starlets succumb to LUREOFHOLLYWOOD
What the Bohr model models ATOM
Where some sports events are held ARENA
WWII general Arnold, informally HAP
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