How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 04 2014

"Live Free or Die," for New Hampshire MOTTO
33 1/3, for a LP RPM
Adhered CLUNG
Ankle-related TARSAL
Artist's stand EASEL
Author's hang-up WRITERSBLOCK
Avg., size-wise REG
Bonn wife FRAU
Briny water SEA
Confuse ADDLE
Cottontails' tails SCUTS
Create a statute ENACT
Creole food veggie OKRA
Croat or Bulgar, e.g SLAV
De Gaulle's birthplace LILLE
Domestic establishment MENAGE
Feel out of sorts AIL
Female gossip YENTA
Force from power OUST
Fumes may produce one ODOR
Go from brunette to blond DYE
Had a home-cooked meal ATEIN
Harper Valley org. of song PTA
Hint at without saying IMPLY
In a frenzy AMOK
Indian ritual gesture MUDRA
Japanese wrestling SUMO
Keep from littering? SPAY
Make a lasting impression? ETCH
Make arrangements PLAN
Mexican restaurant offering TACO
Mishmash or medley OLIO
Motorcycle accessory KICKSTAND
Neatniks' opposites SLOBS
Nervous spasms TICS
Network of nerves, e.g RETE
Oboe's forerunner SHAWM
October birthstone OPAL
Part of a process PHASE
Partnership CAHOOT
Pro in San Diego PADRE
Put into mothballs STORED
Radii-paralleling bones ULNAE
Reveal, as medical information DISCLOSE
River to the English Channel SOMME
Road beneath a bridge UNDERPASS
Santa ___ winds ANA
Scot's cap TAM
Semiliquid lump GLOB
Shake a leg HIE
Shampoo bottle word RINSE
Skinny numerals ONES
Snacked NOSHED
Soloist plus two TRIO
Source of shade ELM
Sow sound OINK
Spelling or Amos TORI
Spillway spot DAM
Spoke more than once? RADII
Star quality? EGO
Start fishing CAST
Stranded carrier RNA
Strong emotion HATE
Studio constructions SETS
Suffocating blankets SMOGS
Supermarket parts AISLES
Tasting like wild meat GAMEY
Trims by cutting LOPS
Two-way principle TENET
Type of pudding RICE
Typical Kuwaiti ARAB
Vacation retreat VILLA
Waiter's extra income GRATUITY
Walk of Fame embedment STAR
Was brave enough DARED
Yemeni seaport ADEN
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