How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 01 2002

"7 Faces of Dr. ---" (1964) LAO
"Gidget" actress Sandra DEE
"Monopoly" destination JAIL
"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's ---" NEST
"Pygmalion" playwright SHAW
"Reader's Digest" co-founder Wallace LILA
"So be it" AMEN
--- cuisine HAUTE
1960 gold-medal boxer ALI
Appropriate APT
Biblically significant peak SINAI
Big top TENT
Bizarre OUTRE
Boffo hit SMASH
Bone-like OSSEOUS
Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff DREGS
Brown bagger's dessert, perhaps OREO
Bunch of hairs TUFT
Centers of activity LOCI
Change schools TRANSFER
Chills and fever AGUE
Colorful garden annual ZINNIA
Complete reversal UTURN
Damson and bullace PLUMS
Do some weeding HOE
Dot on a mariner's chart ISLET
Dot.com address URL
Drained dry BLED
End of the explanation OFHISTONGUE
Fearsome Hindu god SHIVA
Fisherman's enticer LURE
Florida's cigar city TAMPA
Greek letters ZETAS
Health farm SPA
Heard in the bar scene, perhaps LINE
Incensed IRATE
Indonesia's most populated island JAVA
It sometimes accompanies a prayer WING
Itty-bitty WEE
Klutz's outcry OUCH
Last degree NTH
Lawrence Welk's intro AONE
Mama zebra MARE
Mayberry kid OPIE
Motoring must GAS
Neglect, as responsibilities SHIRK
Noted spaghetti Western director LEONE
One of the Gabors EVA
Over-full SATED
Padded cushion used as a seat HASSOCK
Paragon of patience JOB
Part 2 of the explanation ISSUCHAPALISHIS
Part 3 of the explanation TAILWAGSINSTEAD
Phoenix five SUNS
Place to shoot from HIP
Playful satires SPOOFS
Porgy's beloved BESS
Prefix for red INFRA
Public vehicle TRAM
Rotten to the core NOGOOD
Santa ---, California ANA
Sincerely TRULY
Small amount TAD
Sounds of disapproval TUTS
Spanish classical guitarist AndrŽs SEGOVIA
Sport akin to wrestling JUDO
Stack of chips PILE
Start of an explanation for canine friendship AREASONADOG
Stick around STAY
The latest fad RAGE
Time line divisions, perhaps ERAS
Tokyo tender YEN
Unsullied PURE
Wading birds IBISES
Without any key, in music ATONALLY
Word with clock or penny WISE
You might sleep on it SHEET
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