How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 30 2015

"... to give her poor dog ___" ABONE
"The loneliest number" ONE
"Tobacco Road" author Caldwell ERSKINE
"___ been to the mountaintop" IVE
Becomes man and wife WEDS
Belgrade native SERB
Blood flow stoppage CLOT
Blood pigment HEME
Buffalo county ERIE
Christmas story villain HEROD
Common drink complement ICE
Contends VIES
Cook at high heat initially SEAR
Cookout flavoring HICKORY
Created a basket WOVE
Disoriented LOST
Engrave ETCH
Everyone has one NAME
Fall flower ASTER
Fifth and Sixth, in N.Y AVES
Filling out a resume is ... (Part 1) THECLOSEST
First family's home EDEN
For fear that LEST
Free (of) RID
Georgia-to-Maine direction ENE
Ghana's capital ACCRA
Golden Rule word UNTO
Harbinger OMEN
Hip bones ILIA
Intended MEANT
Intentional celebrity mistreatment ROAST
Is in debt OWES
Italian wine center ASTI
Join the military ENLIST
Joyful shout WHOOP
Kind of exam ORAL
Kind of situation NOWIN
Kitchen light? PILOT
Legal claim LIEN
Light show light LASER
Like some pizza orders TOGO
Man-goat of myth SATYR
Meadow grazers SHEEP
Medicinal plant ALOE
Norwegian king OLAV
One with a degree ALUM
Over 21 OFAGE
Part 2 of 17-Across ANYONEWILL
Part 3 of 17-Across EVERCOMETO
Part 4 of 17-Across PERFECTION
Part of a large pot ANTE
Peruvian capital LIMA
Physics Nobel Prize winner BOHR
Places to be pampered SPAS
Pleasant NICE
Potato containers SACKS
Radiate EMIT
Rat fink STOOLIE
Rice Krispies sound SNAP
Rifle attachment SCOPE
Ripped TORE
Scripted WROTE
Shaving accident NICK
Sites that draw visitors MECCAS
Small role by a big star CAMEO
Some are inflated RAFTS
Steak sauce brand AONE
Stimulate, as memory REFRESH
Stress marks ACCENTS
Tampa, for one BAY
Think the world of ADORE
Three-legged event RACE
Two-deck rummy CANASTA
Verdi heroine AIDA
What 2-Down studied ATOM
Work well together MESH
Wrinkle-resistant fabric ORLON
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