How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 28 2017

"Famous" cookie maker AMOS
"I get it" sounds AHS
"Thunderation!" kin EGAD
A river in northeastern England OUSE
Animated Principal Skinner SEYMOUR
Apples and pears, e.g POMES
Attack from every angle BESET
Attack's opposite DEFEND
Bacharach or Ward BURT
Bring to a standstill STOP
Bubbly pop SODA
Cheese type EDAM
Chomped BIT
Church recess APSE
Cobra's cousin MAMBA
Conceal, as a card PALM
Do the next thing after knocking ENTER
Draw ___ in the sand ALINE
Dull pain ACHE
Edible root of the South Pacific TARO
Eyelid swelling STYE
Fired, as a weapon SHOT
First occurrence ONSET
Flabbergasts ASTOUNDS
Flower-to-be BUD
Flying saucers, e.g UFOS
Footnote abbr ETAL
Freeze on glass ICEUP
Given a title NAMED
Gloves for Buster Posey MITTS
Goop for hairstyling GEL
Group of seven (var.) SEPTETTE
Harmful microorganism GERM
High-calorie dessert TORTE
Hodgepodge OLIO
Large paper unit REAM
Like a neglected dryer vent LINTY
Make several one UNITE
Married WEDDED
Mommies' triplets? EMS
Month fillers DAYS
Move along like a crab SIDLE
Musical composition OPUS
Old Internet connector MODEM
Ostrich relative EMU
Performs in a movie ACTS
Perspire SWEAT
Preparation period LEADTIME
Prolonged spats FEUDS
Proofreader's notation DELE
Proving to be useful UTILE
Quite considerate MINDFULOFOTHERS
Relating to a musical key TONAL
Rescinded a decision CHANGEDONESMIND
Rose to one's feet STOOD
Rounded end of a hammer PEEN
Schulz's comic strip PEANUTS
See romantically DATE
Shared online item MEME
Sharpen, as one's skills HONE
Sledded down a chute of ice LUGED
Small, brownish songbird WREN
Step ___ a scale ONTO
Take a breather REST
Tell a fib LIE
The sight-seeing business TOURISMINDUSTRY
Tide type NEAP
To's reverse FRO
Track event MEET
Trigonometric function SINE
Vietnamese capital HANOI
Vocal vote against NAY
Worthless cloths RAGS
Xi preceders NUS
___ spumante (sparkling white wine) ASTI
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