How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 28 2012

"Pardon me" grunts AHEMS
"This tastes gross!" YUCK
"Two Mules for Sister ___" SARA
007, e.g AGENT
A buck abroad EURO
Always, poetically EER
Argentine grassland PAMPA
Assemble SETUP
Attire for Columbo TRENCHCOAT
Bluegrass instrument BANJO
Break for young students RECESS
Brosnan's Remington STEELE
Castle, in chess ROOK
Caustic solution LYE
Chills and fever AGUE
Coat with a metal alloy TERNE
Company that introduced color TV RCA
Dainty PRIM
Degrees in a right angle NINETY
Descend, in mountaineering RAPPEL
Destine for destruction DOOM
Does a vet's job SPAYS
Far from plentiful RARE
For fellows only STAG
Former Soviet news org TASS
Free, in a way UNTIE
Great bargain STEAL
Group of three singers TRIO
He's smarter than the average bear YOGI
Helen, Isaac or Gabby HAYES
Highest orbital point APOGEE
Hindu spiritual leader GURU
Holder of a cabinet position? ERIC
Hops-drying oven OAST
It may be stashed at a hideout LOOT
Item in Dracula's closet? CLOAKHANGER
Like a Maine forest PINY
Lump of clay GLOB
Massachusetts inlet CAPECODBAY
Mil. org. on campus ROTC
Mischief-makers IMPS
More than suggestive EROTIC
Motorcycle club wear BIKERJACKET
Mountain ridge ARETE
Mumbai wraparound dress SARI
Name on a police blotter, maybe ALIAS
Office necessity DESK
Orange discards PEELS
Orator's delivery SPEECH
Part of a pistil CARPEL
Penny prez ABE
Phony display SHAM
Plant used in cosmetics ALOE
Robin Williams, when from Ork MORK
Roll of dough WAD
Russian playwright Chekhov ANTON
Satisfy, as a deadline MEET
Sculptor's work STATUE
Shakespeare or Browning BARD
Shrek, famously OGRE
Sign of things to come OMEN
Some Arctic seabirds SKUAS
Some supermarket offerings JUICES
Sound in a long hallway ECHO
Stare amorously OGLE
Teeming AWASH
Ticketless rail rider HOBO
Turkish general AGHA
Very top ACME
Volcanic spewings, e.g EJECTA
Walk leisurely AMBLE
Western dry lakes PLAYAS
What picky people pick NITS
Where to spend kips LAOS
Workout sites, at times GYMS
Worried walker PACER
___ tea (summer beverage) ICED
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