How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 28 2010

"... ___ cost to you" ATNO
"Born Free" beast ELSA
"Little Red Book" chairman MAO
"Of Thee I Sing" lyricist Gershwin IRA
"Thanks ___!" ALOT
180 deg. from WSW ENE
Africa's largest capital city CAIRO
Artist Yoko ONO
Bargain container BIN
Basketry willow OSIER
Big Apple inits. NYC
Bring forth, as an emotion EVOKE
Careful shopper's criterion VALUE
Certain title holder ALIENEE
Changes a B to an A- REGRADES
Clandestine and canny SLY
Clock-setting standard (Abbr.) GMT
Common Father's Day gift TIE
Diameters halved RADII
Divest of weapons UNARM
Eater of eucalyptus leaves KOALA
Employee of a dictator? STENO
Exhibited matter ART
Exploded, as a tire BLEW
Feels repentant RUES
Fill with cargo LADE
Fleur-de-___ (Quebec symbol) LIS
Fond du ___, Wisc. LAC
It has a negative charge ANION
It must be in the genes DNA
It's burned on the road GASOLINE
Like creatures from outer space NONHUMAN
Liveliness BRIO
Made in the ___ USA
Make new contacts BUILDBRIDGES
Markedly rapid METEORIC
Merchandise at a white sale LINENS
Money in Japan YEN
Motorist's stopover MOTEL
Musical miscellany OLIO
Negative campaigning MUDSLINGING
Neighbor of Lebanon and Iraq SYRIA
Ocean condiment SEASALT
Palindromic belief TENET
Patches things up? SEWS
Place for many books LIBRARY
Prince of the Middle East (Var.) EMEER
Repairs damaged relations MENDSFENCES
Respond to, as a tip ACTON
Rocky crag TOR
Serve that doesn't count LET
Shoemaker's helpers, in a fairy tale ELVES
Sound heard twice in "George" SOFTG
Sundance entry, often INDIE
Swedish monetary unit KRONA
Taking it away makes a maid mad? ANI
Tel. book contents NOS
The old man DAD
The police might do this RESTOREORDER
Time gap INTERIM
Title for Agatha Christie DAME
Type of shop with second-hand goods CONSIGNMENT
United Nations agcy. ILO
United voting group BLOC
Unusually narrow shoe size TENA
Up to now YET
Vietnamese city HUE
Walkie-talkie word OVER
Where the worldly-wise have been AROUND
Wild swine BOAR
Won ___ soup TON
Written tribute ODE
Young boy LAD
Zero, to Nero NIL
___ juris (in one's own right) SUI
___ out a living (barely get by) EKE
___ Rosa, Calif. SANTA
___-eyed jack ONE
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