How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 27 2001

''--- victory!'' ONTO
''Essays of Elia'' author LAMB
''Quadrophenia'' band (with ''The'') WHO
Accumulate, as a debt RUNUP
Advanced math CALC
Affaire d'honneur DUEL
African republic CHAD
Agile SPRY
Bandies words SPARS
Biological subdivision SPECIES
Bombastic speech RANT
Bride's concern GOWN
Brief vacation GETAWAY
Bulletproof apparel VESTS
Clumsy one, slangily APE
Crystal-lined stone GEODE
Deal prerequisite CUT
Dinner and a movie, perhaps DATE
Display stand EASEL
Equalizing allowance ODDS
Feel pain ACHE
Fibula's neighbor TIBIA
Field of endeavor ARENA
Fragrance ODOR
Free from limits UNCAP
Geographic depression BASIN
Graven image IDOL
Greenskeeper's supply SOD
Gulp without a pause CHUG
Hell transport? HANDBASKET
In the style of ALA
Increase threefold TREBLE
Island feast LUAU
Jut out, as a brow BEETLE
Kampala is its capital UGANDA
Legendary GREAT
Leprechaun land EIRE
Loose outer garment TOGA
Made an exact duplicate CLONED
Misshapen BENT
Mountain pool TARN
Nabisco cookie OREO
Natural coat RIND
Newspaper derogatorily RAG
Olympic gold medalist Devers GAIL
Person opposed ANTI
Pervasive emanations AURAS
Pipe types BRIARS
Pitt and Renfro BRADS
Place in a hold STOW
Porous limestone TUFA
Pouch in the body SAC
Presidential power VETO
Reversed an action UNDID
Rock's co-star in ''Strange Bedfellows'' GINA
RosŽ alternative CLARET
Saharan ARID
Salon sound SNIP
Scale's reading WEIGHT
Spoken ORAL
Sports surprise UPSET
Stew pod OKRA
Suggestion HINT
Supplier of political pressure? ARMTWISTER
Teenager's bane ACNE
Terrier type CAIRN
They may be checked BAGS
Tie-score word ALL
Type of bag GRAB
Upscale coffee pots URNS
Wahineâs welcome ALOHA
Went off course YAWED
Where to find time on one's hand? WRISTWATCH
Window frame SASH
Winter Palace dwellers TSARS
Without a hitch EASILY
Word with charlotte or Ballet RUSSE
You may dip into it at dinner FINGERBOWL
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