How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 19 2017

"Clumsy me!" OOPS
"In this way ..." THUS
"Like that would actually happen!" ASIF
"Now ___ seen everything" IVE
"The greatest of ___!" ALLTIME
African chargers, briefly RHINOS
Airport guesses, briefly ETAS
Asian food starch SAGO
Automatic selection? DRIVE
Battery terminal ANODE
Beach stuff SAND
Beauty business SALON
Bellyache MOAN
Blacksmith's shop FORGE
Bovine sound MOO
Brazil tourist city, briefly RIO
Breakfast cereal MUESLI
Burrito alternative TACO
Calendar notation EVENT
Charitable handouts ALMS
Courtroom happening TRIAL
Crazed with passion GAGA
Crusoe's creator DEFOE
Dad's room, often DEN
Darn things SEW
Desert respite OASIS
DNA testers, often FBI
Doggie bag bit ORT
Exceedingly VERY
Extremely well off MONIED
Firstborn, among siblings ELDEST
Gale's friend Piccolo BRIAN
Grassy plain LLANO
Grounded Aussie EMU
Group known for its brains MENSA
Hair color to dye for HENNA
How ballet dancers move AGILELY
Install, as a carpet LAY
It comes after 12 daily ONE
Join the poker game ANTE
Kick out of a residence EVICT
Kind of alcohol ETHYL
Landlord's due RENT
List of literary goofs ERRATA
Marriages, christenings, etc RITES
Massive sports facilities STADIA
Natural habitat ELEMENT
Nosher's bite SNACK
Not in the party? NONPARTISAN
Not participating UNINVOLVED
Not yet pledged UNCOMMITTED
Out of gear? DISENGAGED
Palindromic dogma TENET
Perignon's title DOM
Piedmont wine center ASTI
Place for a seaside stroll PIER
Porch items MATS
Prefix with "bucks" or "mansion" MEGA
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Protect a document, in a way LAMINATE
Rather or Aykroyd DAN
Scottish Highlander GAEL
Seek an answer ASK
Shot for a photog PIC
Sign of assent NOD
Sign of the future? OMEN
Small salamanders NEWTS
South American of yore INCA
Spill over SLOSH
Steps in ENTERS
Take to one's heart ENDEAR
Wee bit of residue DREG
Wooster's bane AUNTS
___ sapiens HOMO
___-Dixon line MASON
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