How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 19 2014

"Air" or "ami" preceder BEL
"Good work!" NICE
"I should think ___!" NOT
"Lucky Jim" author Kingsley AMIS
"We ___ the Champions" ARE
"What did I tell you!" SEE
"Wherefore ___ thou ... " ART
"___ seen enough!" IVE
Acknowledge applause BOW
Alcohol derived from plants STEROL
Anagram of 20-Across STAR
Antique-shop item CURIO
Are in reverse? ERA
Arm bones ULNAE
Bakery appliance OVEN
Blackjack requirements ACES
Bring to naught UNDO
Camouflage HIDE
Coast Guard off ENS
Commoner, briefly PLEB
Consecrate, in a way ANOINT
Considerably distant AFAR
Dangerous whales ORCAS
Dim with tears BLEAR
Douglas MacArthur was one FIVESTARGENERAL
Duchess of York's name SARAH
Dull surfaces MATTES
Expenditures OUTGO
Float gently in the air WAFT
Get spares BOWL
Glimmered SHONE
Grappler's milieu MAT
Green and herbal, e.g TEAS
It's right in the atlas EAST
John Hancock, notably SIGNEE
Keypad's function INPUT
Kind or sort ILK
Lobe in the mouth UVULA
Luminous surrounding AURA
Luster SHEEN
Meal eaten in a hall MESS
Met melody ARIA
Metric heavyweights TONNES
Milk type SKIM
Molten spew LAVA
Most dilapidated RATTIEST
Navy and lima BEANS
Noted canal ERIE
Noted composer Bela BARTOK
Obsessive observer VOYEUR
Open to everyone PUBLIC
Opening at the casino SLOT
Overly pretentious ARTY
Page with columns OPED
Place to heat pottery KILN
Points on Mr. Spock EARS
Pre-communism leader (Var.) TSAR
Prepared to be sought HID
Prodding person URGER
Provoke, as interest PIQUE
Ranter's partner RAVER
Reign over GOVERN
Romantic meeting TRYST
Rose to one's feet STOOD
Run a car in neutral IDLE
Seemed less important PALED
Shakes, as a tail WAGS
Shortly after quitting time, for some QUARTERPASTFIVE
Ski trail PISTE
Slow interval LULL
Some wallet fillers FIVEDOLLARBILLS
Spring up ARISE
Strad's cousin AMATI
Swerves temporarily off-course YAWS
The Eagles' Joe WALSH
Tony-winning musical RENT
Tree used for plywood OBECHE
Wild lily of the valley SHINLEAF
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