How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 19 2006

''Camels'' of the Andes LLAMAS
''Or ___!'' ELSE
''The Human Comedy'' author BALZAC
''The Matrix'' hero NEO
A Day in Hollywood DORIS
Act of faith? LEAP
Assayer's tool SCALE
Baum canine TOTO
Beat to the tape OUTRAN
Biblical transport ASS
Breakaway groups SECTS
Capital of Cambodia? RIEL
Casting requirement REEL
Cauldron, e.g. VAT
Chuck-a-luck equipment DICE
Common fraction TENTH
Curtain inserts RODS
Customary observance RITE
Difficult task ONUS
Direct elsewhere REFER
Downright unpleasant NASTY
Drive back REPEL
Dust jacket comments, e.g. BLURBS
E-mail that's likely to be deleted SPAM
Fish or cut this BAIT
French cleric ABBE
German industrial region RUHR
Get an edge HONE
Give or take ABOUT
Hipbones ILIA
Hodgepodge OLIO
Human bone ULNA
Inst. founded by Jefferson UVA
Install, as a carpet LAY
It could be a lot or a plot ACRE
It could precede a good deal ANTE
It may look for a buck DOE
Jousting weapon LANCE
Lager kin ALE
Latakia's land SYRIA
Letter-perfect contest? BEE
Like Santa's helpers ELFIN
Major broadcaster CBS
Monstrous lake NESS
Native American of the North CREE
Of higher rank than OVER
Order to a dog STAY
Place for a sacred cow? INDIA
Plaudits of a sort OLES
Pointless weapon EPEE
Produce, as a show PUTON
Proofreaders' oversights ERRATA
Putting concern LIE
Relative affluence EASE
Result of a lack of practice, metaphorically RUST
Ricky's landlady ETHEL
Rockefeller company ESSO
Rudimentary seed OVULE
Send to Siberia, e.g. EXILE
Sierra Maestra country CUBA
Snowballs, sometimes AMMO
Something forged IRON
Strange things EXOTICA
Subject of the first law of motion INERTIA
Tab picker-uppers TREATERS
Tennyson poem DORA
Tiny amount of progress INCH
Value highly ESTEEM
Waterlogged soil MARSH
Went to the bottom DOVE
Western group POSSE
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