How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 15 2009

"Bride or groom?" asker USHER
"CHiPs" star Estrada ERIK
"Do it or ___!" ELSE
"Dominique" singer, for one NUN
"Elsa's Dream," for one ARIA
"Gunsmoke" marshal MATTDILLON
"Song of the South" narrator REMUS
"The Blue Angel" actress MARLENEDIETRICH
"What's the ___?" (quitter's lament) USE
Abbott and Costello, e.g. DUO
Abbr. after a list of people ETAL
About 1.8 meters FATHOM
Academic calendar division TERM
Acts as a quizmaster ASKS
Adamant ant? PEST
Agitate RILE
Agriculturally viable ARABLE
Alaskan craft UMIAK
An amoeba has one CELL
Appraised RATED
Arrival in a DJ's inbox DEMO
Artist's rendering SKETCH
At great speed, at sea AMAIN
Ball clubs BATS
Base neutralizer ACID
Baseball card buys PACKS
Board member CHAIRMAN
Boggy area MIRE
Bottle's bouquet AROMA
Bouillabaisse server LADLE
Brangelina, e.g. ITEM
Bridal netting VEIL
Brown or black animal BEAR
Buckle attachment BELT
Bumpy gait TROT
Chief god to 58-Down ODIN
Crestfallen SAD
Dance maneuvers TURNS
Database command SORT
Decorated with gold GILT
Dirt clump CLOD
Drain of resources SAP
Dry tobacco leaves, e.g. CURE
Escapees from a mythical box ILLS
Eye irritation STYE
Fabled boaster HARE
Filthy money? LUCRE
First lady's man? ADAM
Flightless bird EMU
Jazzy Horne LENA
Longtime Pro Bowl city HONOLULU
Make a stand? ARISE
Mischief-making Norse god LOKI
More desertlike SERER
Mover partner SHAKER
New cash for the old world EUROS
North Dakota State Fair city MINOT
Old Glory feature STAR
One who may have connections TRAVELER
Part of a three-piece suit VEST
Pioneer of cool jazz MILESDAVIS
Pluperfect word HAD
Sadly solo LONESOME
Saintly emanation AURA
Something for your sake? RICE
Something I can't use, but you can ARE
Spelling of "90210" TORI
Tannery inventory HIDES
They hang out in stores TAGS
Upper or Lower, in New York EASTSIDE
Valley flower? LILY
Verbal ORAL
Wristwatch part STRAP
Yale collegian ELI
___ fatale FEMME
___ out a living (barely scraped by) EKED
___ shot (punchline follow-up) RIM
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