How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 14 2003

"Chain Gang" singer COOKE
"___ Named Sue" ABOY
Artful dodge RUSE
Awake far past midnight UPLATE
Beatles' hit GETBACK
Belafonte song fruit BANANA
Bouncer's victim MINOR
Brand for Bowser ALPO
Britain's last Stuart monarch ANNE
Buffalo's lake ERIE
Camp cook's meal CHILI
Cause type LOST
Cleo's doom ASP
Cornered ATBAY
Cosmetics purchase NAILPOLISH
Crooner Perry COMO
Day of movies DORIS
Do poltergeist work HAUNT
Dolly's greeting HELLO
Easter decoration LILY
Easy victory ROMP
Elevator man OTIS
Facts and figures DATA
Fig treats NEWTONS
Flavorful seed ANISE
Gene material, briefly RNA
Good buddy PAL
Hot treat TAMALE
In that case IFSO
It moves stars LIMO
Jack Horner's last words AMI
Jillions TONS
Lewis' "___ Street" MAIN
Libertine RAKE
Like foamy seas CHOPPY
Like some confrontations TOETOTOE
Make cents COIN
Mental slip LAPSE
Mob heavies GOONS
Mountain lake TARN
Mouth-shaped garden flower SNAPDRAGON
Nuptial lane AISLE
Paper carrier? CLIPBOARD
Pelvic bones ILIA
Pig language? LATIN
Pitcher's target MITT
Pre-discount price LIST
Prefix with hero or matter ANTI
Problem caused by moisture MILDEW
Proverbial backbreaker STRAW
Quake locale FAULT
Razor brand ATRA
Really perturbed INASTATE
Rejuvenate RENEW
Road Runner's taunt halved BEEP
Sample gingerly SIP
Shells and such AMMO
Something that winds up with homeowners HOSE
Spartan serf HELOT
Spillane novel title start ITHE
Star of mummy movies FRASER
Suit pattern PINSTRIPE
Surmounting ATOP
Taken care of SEENTO
Tea flavoring MINT
Tense (with "up") KEYED
Test proctor's call TIME
Thpeak like thith LISP
Totally pointless INANE
Unnatural, as hair DYED
Weekly shout for some TGIF
Wingless insect LOUSE
Winter Palace ruler TSAR
Word with box or boy POOR
Word with ice or salary CAP
Young hen PULLET
Zebra feature MANE
___-Unis ETATS
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