How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 13 2007

"And pretty maids all in ___" AROW
"Hear ye" OYEZ
"The Caine Mutiny" writer WOUK
"The First ___" (Christmas carol) NOEL
''A Nightmare on Elm Street'' actor DEPP
''Confessions'' singer USHER
''Fool that I was'' poet John DRYDEN
100 and 400, to a photographer SPEEDS
Abbr. in a listing ETAL
Abdominal protrusion HERNIA
Abrogate legally REPEAL
Absorb, as a loss EAT
Affect emotionally TOUCH
Agent, colloquially REP
Anonymous trio of well-known guys TOMDICKANDHARRY
Answer back in an impudent manner SASS
Audition TRYOUT
Avenger Emma PEEL
Beer bash host, maybe FRAT
Belgian city destroyed in WWI YPRES
Biblical sufferer LOT
Boston's basketball team, familiarly CELTS
Buried in the ground EARTHED
Cantilevered window ORIEL
Char on the outside SEAR
Cicatrix SCAR
Come together, as in matrimony UNITE
Comparable to an ocean ASDEEP
Comparatively cuckoo NUTTIER
Cotton gin pioneer Whitney ELI
Cross-shaped Greek character TAU
Dark suit item? SPADE
Daughter-in-law of Naomi ORPAH
Detain KEEP
Difficult to grasp ELUSIVE
Easily snapped, as bones BRITTLE
European freshwater fish RUDD
Executive's extra benefit PERK
Exmaple for example, for example TYPO
Extract forcibly, as a magazine page RIPOUT
Farm bleater BILLYGOAT
First name among the cast of ''The Graduate'' ANNE
First word in a ''fighting machine'' phrase LEAN
Fl. oz.'s six TSPS
Forty-niner's tool PAN
Fresh antelope? GNU
Funny Fields TOTIE
Group that featured T-Boz TLC
Half of the Road Runner's taunt BEEP
Helm dir. ENE
In a docile manner TAMELY
Inauspicious OMINOUS
Ingratiate oneself with BUDDYUPTO
Insert surreptitiously FOIST
Island necklaces LEIS
It follows Joel AMOS
It gets one's dander up IRE
It lays a mermaid's purse SKATE
Item in Fonzie's pocket COMB
John Irving's title hero T.S. GARP
Kind of jazz BEBOP
King's domain? CNN
Knot again RETIE
Kobe cash YEN
Language for the masses? LATIN
Lessen the density of RAREFY
Let everyone hear AIR
Like early television LIVE
Like F.D.R.'s deal NEW
Like jokes you've heard before STALE
Like many business cars LEASED
London art gallery TATE
Long-eared pooch BEAGLE
Make very thirsty PARCH
Marry someone much younger ROBTHECRADLE
Mayday relative SOS
Measure of gold's fineness KARAT
Metal alloy coating TERNE
Mild cheddar cheese COLBY
Mimicked the mannerisms of APED
Monadic UNARY
Montezuma, e.g. AZTEC
More pale-looking ASHIER
More than just ask DEMAND
Mother of Sean Preston and Sutton Pierce SPEARS
Mountain route PASS
Musketeer weapon SWORD
Naked ruler of fable EMPEROR
Name given for any fun-loving fellow GOODTIMECHARLIE
Officially bar from entry BAN
Old sleep inducer ETHER
Opie, really RON
Org. whose seal contains a bald eagle and a compass CIA
Ostracized one LEPER
Overeats to the max GORGES
Palindromic preposition ERE
Participant in some receptions END
Participate in a Halloween game BOBFORAPPLES
Pennsylvania's only Great Lakes port ERIE
Perform in a knightly tournament JOUST
Person paid to drop hints HELOISE
Photographic pigment SEPIA
Pro ___ (one way to divide things) RATA
Protective embankment SCARP
Prufrock creator's monogram TSE
Putrefies ROTS
Qualify for the consolation round LOSE
Reached terra firma ALIT
React to a ghost sighting SHRIEK
Red veggie BEET
Reddish-brown horses BAYS
Remove unceremoniously OUST
Result of a hair-splitting experience? PART
Result of an overturned card, sometimes REDEAL
Ring of color, as around the human nipple AREOLA
Rub out with rubber ERASE
Rummy cake BABA
Sarge's dog in "Beetle Bailey" OTTO
Scratcher's target ITCH
Senator's U.S. constituency STATE
Shield carried on the arm BUCKLER
Ski trail with densely packed snow PISTE
Small fries TOTS
Software copyright ignorer PIRATE
Sound from a Siamese MEW
Sound of support AYE
Sound of water hitting a hot frying pan SSS
State flower of New Mexico YUCCA
States of wrath IRES
Subject for Keats URN
System of import duties TARIFF
Tale of adventure SAGA
Temporary holding RENTAL
The Crossed Harpoons, in ''Moby-Dick'' INN
The King's daughter LISA
The third degree? PHD
They run only when broken EGGS
TV group featuring Mr. T ATEAM
TV show host EMCEE
Type of food or pride ETHNIC
Unwelcome greenhouse guest PEST
Vestment for a Father ALB
Wage ___ of words AWAR
What both Miss Muffet and Humpty Dumpty did SAT
What swish shots miss RIMS
What the common guy is? AREGULARJOE
Wine-growing county in California NAPA
Winter racing vehicle LUGE
Wonder Woman's headwear TIARA
Word of exception BUT
Yawn-inducing DULL
Zugspitze, for one ALP
___ Aviv TEL
___-of-the-moment SPUR
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