How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 12 2012

"Within the ___ of possibility" REALM
1920s-'40s art style DECO
Abe's Mary TODD
Accumulated, as a tab RANUP
Actor Benicio Del ___ TORO
Airplane seating request WINDOW
Alternative to JVC or Panasonic, once RCA
Bard's "always" EER
Be up front with it to get a hand ANTE
Become decent DRESS
Bird in a crazy simile LOON
Daisylike flower ASTER
Do a double take REACT
Dog's warning SNARL
Draw forth, as something latent EDUCE
Egyptian Christian COPT
Exactly, to a timekeeper FLAT
Exclamation before "darn it!" GOSH
Famed fable writer AESOP
Father, to a baby DADA
Feminine side, a la Jung ANIMA
Fluorescent tube gas ARGON
Fork part TINE
Gasps of delight AHS
German auto make OPEL
Give comforting words to REASSURE
Good source for Vitamin C LIMETREE
Grass grown in farms SOD
Having two parts DUPLE
Heroic chronicle SAGA
Hotelier Helmsley LEONA
It can be cast DIE
It can cause one to hold one's nose ODOR
It may be financial or legal AID
It's used if all else fails LASTRESORT
Kind of margin or escape NARROW
Lays eggs in water SPAWNS
Like a lot of saxes ALTO
Lingerie material LACE
Magnificence GRANDEUR
Makes a choice OPTS
Maneuverable, as a ship YARE
Mount Rushmore sights FACES
Nap, south of the border SIESTA
Native American tent TEPEE
New Year's Eve song word LANG
Newspaper unit PAGE
Not distant NEAR
One wet behind the ears NAIF
One ___ time ATA
Opposite of none ALL
Part of a sportscaster's game recap FINALSCORE
Peruses READS
Poseidon's realm OCEAN
Prefix with "trust" and "freeze" ANTI
Quite a distance off AFAR
Ready to serve, as beer ONTAP
Shape of Earth's orbit OVAL
Sharon of "Cagney & Lacey" GLESS
Showing shock or awe AGOG
Sir Geraint's wife ENID
Skin opening PORE
Spread the wealth SHARE
State confidently AVER
Target for a free throw HOOP
Telephone bk. listings NOS
The softest mineral TALC
They're charged and exchanged IONS
Vegan's avoidance MEAT
Verb that sounds like a letter ARE
What stores holding a clearance sale are doing CLOSINGDOWN
When receipts are tallied, typically ENDOFTHEDAY
Whip wounds WELTS
Willies-inducing EERIE
Wises (up) SMARTENS
Woodwind need REED
Wrestlers in a round ring SUMOS
___ A Sketch (classic toy) ETCH
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