How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 12 2006

''... and ___ to rise ...'' EARLY
''Pygmalion'' playwright SHAW
''___ Sorry Now?'' WHOS
Agent's clientele, perhaps ARTISTS
Auctions off, e.g. SELLS
Audible breath SIGH
Aunt of Andy BEE
Bar twist LEMON
Bellini opera NORMA
Boring tool TREPAN
Brilliant success ECLAT
Butter substitutes OLEOS
Calais cleric ABBE
Casting requirement? REEL
Chaste PURE
Clay, once ALI
Country's Judd NAOMI
Deprivation LOSS
Disinfect CLEANSE
Early bet ANTE
Faxes, e.g. SENDS
Files litigation SUES
Floats gently WAFTS
Guiding beliefs of a group ETHOS
Harrowing experience ORDEAL
Heraldic borders ORLES
In functioning condition USABLE
It precedes a laugh PUNCHLINE
Jilted woman's comment of disgust? MEN
Johnson of ''Laugh-In'' ARTE
Kind of belly BEER
Kind of donor ANONYMOUS
Legendary loch NESS
Logical beginning? ONTO
Loofah, e.g. SPONGE
Lose star status FADE
Major ending ETTE
Make giddy with delight ELATE
Mule of song SAL
Not as dry as brut SEC
Offensive expression LEER
Office supply item FILEFOLDER
Old Oldsmobile competitors REOS
Old TV ''Squad'' MOD
Perrins' partner LEA
Piece on earth? SOD
Position comfortably NESTLE
Practice with a pug SPAR
Precision marching group DRILLTEAM
Printing mistake ERRATUM
Promissory note IOU
River through Bern AARE
Roundtable sessions SEANCES
Scottish landowners LAIRDS
Seating request AISLE
Sentry's attribute ALERTNESS
Serious troubles WOES
Serpent's sound SSS
Shorthand pro STENO
Silver Ghost, informally ROLLS
Singing brothers AMES
Slowly permeate SEEP
Some street liners ELMS
State in Northeast India ASSAM
Sticks in the mud MIRES
Strung item BEAD
Superior, for one LAKE
Surrenders, formally CEDES
Terminus END
They're sometimes split HAIRS
Threat at sea HAMMERHEAD
Unit of force DYNE
Use hip boots WADE
Wild-boar features TUSKS
Woody's offspring ARLO
Word with down or out WEAR
Word with for or white SALE
Word with one or way ANY
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