How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 11 2002

"... how I wonder what you ___" ARE
"... ___ and buts were candy and nuts ..." IFS
"As You Like It" role CELIA
"How the Grinch ___ Christmas" STOLE
"Peter, Peter, pumpkin ___ ..." EATER
''Only the Lonely'' songwriter ORBISON
''Tarzan of the Apes'' writer Burroughs EDGAR
3-note chord TRIAD
Absolutely zip NOTONEIOTA
Act greedy, in a way GRAB
Act of fraud SCAM
Ad agency award CLIO
American cat OCELOT
Animator's sheet CEL
Ankle-length cloak CAFTAN
Anti-antis? PROS
Area below Greenwich Village SOHO
Atmospheric probe SONDE
Being, in old Rome ESSE
Belgian ___ (salad green) ENDIVE
Beluga and others CAVIARS
Big rocket launcher NASA
Biol. and chem., for two SCS
Bird of the court LARRY
Bird shelter COTE
Bitter drinks ALES
Blue-nosed cartoon cat STIMPY
Bone cavity FOSSA
Brooding place NEST
Bygone PAST
Candid device CAMERA
Carries TOTES
Circle width (Abbr.) DIA
City in southern India MYSORE
Clear broth BOUILLON
Coloring materials DYES
Combine ingredients MIX
Common European thrushes (Var.) OUSELS
Cultural surroundings MILIEU
Cut a rug DANCED
Daily paper on the East Coast NEWSDAY
Dairy aisle purchase EGGS
Dark fur SABLE
David's weapon SLING
Decide at the flip of ___ ACOIN
Dinner for Diogenes? DEEPDISHPI
Distant finishers ALSORANS
Dynamic start AERO
Emit coherent light LASE
Fanatical RABID
Firm hold GRIP
First letter for the head of Centauri? ALPHAALPHA
Flat-bottomed boat BATEAU
Flounces about SASHAYS
Former Roman currency LIRA
Friend of Jerry, Elaine and George COSMO
Furthermore ALSO
Gets water out of the boat BAILS
Girl or child adjunct ISH
Give one a hard time HASSLE
Grinch creator SEUSS
Guinness of stage ALEC
Gunfighter's word DRAW
Guns, Indy 500-style REVS
Heated felony ARSON
Home for a tropical dryad? PHICUSTREE
Horace wrote them ODES
It may precede perception DEPTH
Japanese immigrant in America ISSEI
John Belushi played one SAMURAI
Kauai cookouts LUAUS
Kind of fall PRAT
Leader of the pack, sometimes ALPHAMALE
Ledger item ENTRY
Like some mistakes FATAL
Longings YENS
Lottery win for Pericles? OMEGABUCKS
Luckless one LOSER
Macy's event PARADE
Make a buck EARN
Member of a wedding party BESTMAN
Mex. neighbor USA
More affected by the flu ACHIER
Morse symbols DOTS
Ms. Sothern ANN
Muslim judge CADI
Narrow cuts SLITS
Natural weapons CLAWS
New Jersey pros NETS
Nicklaus contemporary PALMER
Notable period ERA
Of the skin DERMAL
Off-Broadway award OBIE
Old Roman greeting AVE
Olympian Bonnie BLAIR
One and one together? ELEVEN
One making big bucks? BRONCO
Overwhelm with laughter SLAY
Participate in a shouting match ARGUE
Paycheck extras BONUSES
Physique, loosely BOD
Pig in --- APOKE
Poet of old BARD
Printer type LASER
Proofreader's mark STET
Propelled, as a gondola POLED
Property encumbrance LIEN
Rationed (out) METED
Remotely controlled craft DRONE
Salespeople, briefly REPS
Sao ___, Brazil PAULO
Scat! SHOO
Seductively attractive SEXY
Senora's sayonara ADIOS
Se–or's assent SISI
Sign of assent NOD
Silt location RIVERDELTA
Simpson judge ITO
Singsong syllables LALA
Site of '52 Winter Olympics OSLO
Skin balm ALOE
Skip over, as a syllable ELIDE
Some jacket attachments HOODS
Sosa stat RBI
Spicy stew OLIO
Sprinter's goal TAPE
Stable diet OATS
Stephen King's Christine, for one CAR
Stop the bleeding CLOT
Subscription cards, e.g. INSERTS
Tackle's line mate END
Taken by mouth ORAL
The last thing a gambler loses? SHIRT
They gave the Hulk his powers GAMMARAYS
Time Warner buyer AOL
Top bananas KINGPINS
Toy pistol ammo CAPS
Treaty co-signer ALLY
Tristan's love ISOLDE
Type of factor RISK
Verdi work AIDA
Wallace, of Readerâs Digest LILA
Washington fig. POL
Westminster attraction ABBEY
What Noah counted by? TWOS
Without SANS
Wonderland lass ALICE
Yahtzee cube DIE
___ Claire, Wisc. EAU
___ in the bud NIPS
___ mode ALA
___-mouthed (using bad language) POTTY
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