How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 09 2014

"Arrivederci, ___" ROMA
"Death in Venice" author Horace MANN
"Not my spelling error" notation SIC
"Oh, phooey!" DRAT
"Sack" attachment KNAP
"There's ___ in the air" ANIP
"___ la vista, baby!" HASTA
"___ man, Bojangles and ..." KNEWA
"___-di-dah!" LAH
Aired a second time RERAN
Army scout's job RECON
Back muscle, in the gym LAT
Brainy bunch MENSA
Brat's Christmas present COAL
Brother of Cain ABEL
Campus drilling gp ROTC
Canary's "nose" CERE
Certain NCOs SFCS
Chicago mayor before Emanuel DALEY
City in the Ukraine LVOV
Colorful parrot LORY
Computer programming language PASCAL
Currency, in Myanmar KYAT
Difficult responsibility ONUS
Do nothing LOAF
Eastern nurse AMAH
Fasten together COUPLE
Fictitious flower BLACKORCHID
First-stringers ATEAM
Flower in a Texas tune YELLOWROSE
Flowery Veronica Lake film (with "The") BLUEDAHLIA
Gauguin's island home TAHITI
Grant's landmark TOMB
Great Salt Lake state UTAH
Guinness superlative TALLEST
Guns, as an engine REVS
Hard worker TOILER
Hearty libations ALES
In a frenzy AMOK
Infield coverings TARPS
It's not Neet NAIR
Kong's kin APES
Lasso loop NOOSE
Less stable SHAKIER
Martini add-in OLIVE
Merits EARNS
More in need of a massage SORER
More parched SERER
Native maid in India AYAH
New Hampshire state flower PURPLELILAC
Noted first name in jazz ELLA
Number in a letter DATE
Old cowboy movies OATERS
One of Santa's team DANCER
Open to breezes AIRY
Oscar presenter's take SWAG
PC key ALT
Physicians' org AMA
Practice starter? MAL
Prefix with "physical" META
Prefix with "scope" PERI
Provide with a roof CEIL
Put in fresh soil REPOT
Reasons for PROS
Secret meeting TRYST
Select from the menu ORDER
Slow tempo ADAGIO
Smart guy ALECK
Soap actress Sofer RENA
Tic-Tac alternative CERT
To be, to Caesar ESSE
TV's "The Virginian" star James DRURY
Viking Ship Museum locale OSLO
Washington seaport TACOMA
Way to get to the top SKITOW
Wed in secret ELOPE
Went for a stroll AMBLED
West Indian sorcery OBEAH
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