How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 09 2010

"Last of the Red Hot ___" (Tucker) MAMAS
"See what ___?" IMEAN
"The Snake Charmer" painter ROUSSEAU
"You bet!" YEP
"You will ___ stranger" (psychic prediction) MEETA
1998 animated bug film ANTZ
Adam's original home EDEN
Atomic physicist Enrico FERMI
Attachment to "chute" or "mount" PARA
Belarus capital MINSK
Bordered EDGED
Boy Scout recitation OATH
Break for students RECESS
Civil Rights gp. since 1909 NAACP
Corrects text EMENDS
Debussy's "Clair de ___" LUNE
Device that's sprung TRAP
Do a batting-practice chore SHAG
Easily annoyed PETTISH
Egyptian crosses ANKHS
End of a lion's tail TUFT
Explosive initials TNT
Female graduate ALUMNA
Finished working, for good (Abbr.) RET
First baby picture, often SONOGRAM
Flip ___ (decide randomly) ACOIN
Formerly, in newspaper announcements NEE
Get a closer shot ZOOMIN
Guy's date GAL
Hard outer covering of a seed ARIL
Hindu Mr. SRI
Houston air problem SMOG
Inter ___ (among other things) ALIA
It'll help you get started JUMPERCABLE
It's a matter of personal pride EGO
Joint between the thigh and shin KNEE
Jong with a "Fear of Fifty" ERICA
Kin of "By Jove!" EGAD
Knocks on the door RAPS
List from a waiter MENU
Malaria symptoms AGUES
Montana's capital HELENA
Moo ___ pork SHU
Oilman's boon GUSHER
Online newsgroup system USENET
Originally ATFIRST
Overpower by force SUBDUE
Place for a tempest TEAPOT
Planned Parenthood founder Margaret SANGER
Purplish bloom LILAC
Rule, in India RAJ
Scooby ___ (TV cartoon dog) DOO
Showroom model DEMO
Silly Putty container EGG
Singer Sumac YMA
Slowly wear away, as a cliff face ERODE
Soaked in liquid STEEPED
Some Celts GAELS
Square dance song SKIPTOMYLOU
St. Peter's station GATE
Thank-you item NOTE
The sun peeking through the clouds, to some HOPEFULSIGN
Thick Swedish rug RYA
Took unfair advantage of USED
Toward the beach ASHORE
Traveler's need LUGGAGE
Treeless plain TUNDRA
Vertical, nautically APEAK
Voile used to make curtains NINON
What a cellist has to do before playing SIT
Word with "rumble" or "bucket" SEAT
___ A Sketch (drawing toy) ETCH
___ Annie of "Oklahoma!" ADO
___ gin fizz SLOE
___ out a living (barely got by) EKED
___-skin cap (Davy Crockett's hat) COON
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