How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 04 2009

" ___ Miniver" MRS
"Am I an idiot!" DOH
"Answer, please" (Abbr.) RSVP
"Bonanza" brother ADAM
"By all means!" YES
"C'mon, ___ a little!" LIVE
"Cheers" barmaid DIANE
"Die Lorelei" writer HEINE
"Fantasy Island" sighting PLANE
"Sun" or "smoke" follower SCREEN
Abundant AMPLE
Applications USES
Assents at sea (Var.) AYS
Astonishment AWE
Audible dance TAP
Battlefield formation ECHELON
Behaviorist's advanced degree DSS
Betrothed one's destination ALTAR
Brook sound MURMUR
Bummed out GLUM
Caesar's '50s TV partner COCA
Carb source SPUD
Cause for a lack of vitality ANEMIA
Chinese river or dynasty WEI
Construction zone indicator CONE
Cotton Club locale HARLEM
Country whose flag is solid green LIBYA
Cutting comment BARB
Dental problem ABSCESS
Department store desk RETURNS
Drums out OUSTS
Encore presentation RERUN
Everest guide SHERPA
Extinguisher attachment HOSE
Face defacer ACNE
Farm insects ANTS
Fixes securely FASTENS
Hold dear CHERISH
Home of Labyrinth Canyon UTAH
Infamous jealous brother CAIN
It's dressing BLUECHEESE
It's sometimes burning DESIRE
Kind of valve in the heart AORTIC
Make as good as new REPAIR
Makeup of some beds WHITERICE
More than spruce up, as a kitchen cabinet REFACE
Mother and daughter, e.g. SHES
Not a run-of-the-mill entertainer ARTISTE
Open courtyard ATRIUM
Ornate, like a peacock's tail FANCY
Pageant accessory SASH
Palindromic Latin 101 word ESSE
Parts of ship bows HAWSES
Place that is abuzz HIVE
Possessive adjective THEIR
Pouter's protuberance LIP
Prepare for a change? UNDRESS
Removed barnacles, e.g. SCRAPED
Scrooge's fault AVARICE
Seafood choice REDSNAPPER
Sound of pain or pleasure OOH
Southernmost part of Arabia YEMEN
Tassel flipper, for short GRAD
The "L" of L-dopa LEVO
There may be money in it RESERVE
They might cause pressure PEERS
Throw a ball? HOST
U.S. airspace monitor FAA
Waist-to-crotch measure RISE
Wallowing place MIRE
Wedge-shaped inlet RIA
Well-versed woman? POETESS
Where to find pre-cooked bacon? STY
Wiggly catch EEL
Xi preceders NUS
You could be safe with him UMP
___ up (energizes) PEPS
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