How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 04 2005

''... ___, dust to ...'' ASHES
''A Descent Into the Maelstrom'' author POE
''Are you calling me ___?'' ALIAR
''Hedda Gabler'' playwright IBSEN
''Marcus Welby, M.D.'' actress Verdugo ELENA
''Old Uncle'' in a Stephen Foster song NED
''Silent Night'' writer Joseph MOHR
''The Aba ___ Honeymoon'' DABA
''The College Widow'' playwright ADE
''The one that got away'' and others YARNS
''___ be an honor'' ITD
5 1/2-point type AGATE
A bouquet has one AROMA
AA-approved SOBER
Acquires in the end NETS
Allege as fact AVER
Altruist's opposite EGOIST
Apropos of, in contracts INRE
Aquatic turtle TERRAPIN
Arctic coat ANORAK
Arctic exclamation BRRR
Arm-over-arm swinger APE
Barking up the wrong tree INERROR
Benchmarks NORMS
Best of a group ELITE
Blackmore's Doone LORNA
Bona fide REAL
Bounce back REACT
Brand of wrap SARAN
Calculus class calculations AREAS
Capital of Zimbabwe HARARE
Cash alternative PLASTIC
Classic Edmond O'Brien film DOA
Classic video game name ATARI
Clip-fed submachine gun BREN
Coal container BIN
Comparable to LIKE
Component of some pipes PVC
Conductor Antal DORATI
Cooked one's own goose? ATEIN
Country singer West SHELLY
Dangerous African insect TSETSE
Deadly African snake MAMBA
December drink NOG
Deg. in community studies DSS
Didn't hand off KEPT
Discharge EGEST
Drew a bead on AIMEDAT
Evans and Carnegie DALES
Expanses AREAS
Fencing weapon EPEE
Fiddle's big brother VIOLA
Fir feature CONE
Foul-smelling FETID
France's ___ de Noirmoutier ILE
French jeweler Lalique RENE
Frozen dessert chain TCBY
Generous and caring WARMHEARTED
Get ___ of (discard) RID
Gilligan, for one CASTAWAY
Glandular fever, familiarly MONO
Gunpowder ingredient NITER
Hank Aaron's 2,297 RBIS
Historic ship to be remembered MAINE
History or mystery, e.g. GENRE
Hot times on the Riviera ETES
It may heat up a dish JALAPENO
It's attached to Christ IAN
Italian currency, once LIRA
Jean Harlow's last film SARATOGA
Judy Garland's daughter LORNA
Kind of surgery ORAL
Large terrier AIREDALE
Lawmaking locale CAPITOL
Like Mork's spacecraft OVOID
Major or minor constellation CANIS
Marine life used for jewelry REDCORAL
Mark Twain, to Samuel Langhorne Clemens PSEUDONYM
Martial art JUDO
Mauna ___, Hawaii KEA
Meddlesome, like certain neighbors NOSY
More courageous GAMER
Needing a tan, perhaps FAIRSKINNED
Nickname in the family POPPA
Not all wet DAMP
Notion in Normandy IDEE
Of the kidneys RENAL
Old Testament mountain NEBO
One getting a tan the old-fashioned way BASKER
One may be seen after a crash (Abbr.) EMT
One reason for not apologizing PRIDE
Orange veggie YAM
Peak in the ''Odyssey'' OSSA
Per person EACH
Periodic table suffix IUM
Phrase of clarification IMEANT
Problem ender? ATIC
Professional obi-wearer GEISHA
Puny portion MORSEL
Rash response? TALC
Recumbent PRONE
Removed spud buds EYED
Repose EASE
Rollover target IRA
Round about CIRCA
Sailing 101 word ALEE
Say ''B-O-O''? SPELL
Seaport on the east coast of Jutland (Var.) AARHUS
She'll come out when the time is right DEB
Sheets and such LINENS
Shipping allowances TRETS
Some Guggenheim works ARPS
Song from ''Flashdance'' MANIAC
Soul mate? BODY
Standout testee, say ACER
Start a tennis match SERVE
Sylvester is one, famously LISPER
Teakettle parts SPOUTS
Territory in northern India DELHI
Three, in Turin TRE
Thugs pack it HEAT
Took her hand in marriage WIVED
Transparent linen fabric TOILE
Type of candy or cider HARD
Use an atomizer MIST
Used a loom WOVE
Versailles-to-Paris dir. ENE
Water's antithesis OIL
Wd. on a seasonal gift tag XMAS
Weatherperson's back street? TORNADOALLEY
Weatherperson's greeting? TROPICALWAVE
Weatherperson's timepiece? HURRICANEWATCH
Weatherperson's vessel? ALBERTACLIPPER
What yes-men do AGREE
Wife of Prince Valiant ALETA
With celerity APACE
Word before avis RARA
Word of strong agreement AMEN
Yanks' opponents REBS
You aim for them BULLSEYES
Zinc and calcium OXIDES
___ Hari MATA
___ Khan AGA
___ Mawr College BRYN
___ Rockaway, Queens FAR
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