How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 03 2010

"Able was I ___ I saw Elba" ERE
"And lead us not ___ ..." INTO
"Dungeons & Dragons" creatures ORCS
"It's ___ country" AFREE
"She loves me ___" NOT
"Time is ___ Side" (New Kids on the Block) ONOUR
"___ Little Indians" (1965 thriller) TEN
"___ the night before ..." TWAS
According to church doctrine CANONIC
Agile deer ROES
At the pinnacle ATOP
Audition segment SCENE
Bighorn bleats BAAS
Churchill symbol VEE
Cookie with a floral design on it OREO
Cooking utensil POT
Dairy Queen treat SHAKE
Debtor's burden LIEN
Dizzying abstract genre OPART
Drunken states STUPORS
Duel units PACES
Eliminating game in a trophy competition CUPTIE
Enjoyed the diner ATEOUT
Excavate further DEEPEN
Feelings of boredom ENNUIS
Fit for the task ABLE
Former Ottoman title PASHA
Gentleman caller, e.g. WOOER
Given to back talk SASSY
Group of vineyards CRU
Gymnast's getup UNITARD
Hayloft's location BARN
Ice cream flavor BUTTERPECAN
Ice cream flavor COOKIEDOUGH
Ice cream flavor FUDGERIPPLE
League of legal eagles (Abbr.) ABA
Like some stomachs or stoves CASTIRON
Made use of a sofa SAT
Many a Jonas Brothers fan TEEN
Modified leaves on flower stems BRACTS
Nit layer LOUSE
Numbskulls IDIOTS
Old sailors TARS
One who's hooked ADDICT
Perfect for picking RIPE
Perfumer's extract ESSENCE
Pitcher-turned-slugger Babe RUTH
Play the market INVEST
Positioned accurately TRUED
Prime meridian std. GMT
Propelled, in a way OARED
Put down, as carpet LAID
Put to shame ABASH
Rogue CAD
Sajak or Boone PAT
Seabee's mil. branch USN
Shampoo follow-up RINSE
Shrinking violet's problem SHYNESS
Sicilian peak ETNA
Spoil, as milk GOBAD
Spots on peacock feathers OCELLI
Square footage measure AREA
Stuttgart sausage WURST
Sunblock lotion ingredient ALOE
Surgery reminders SCARS
Trial's companion ERROR
Trustbuster's concern CARTEL
Use the mind's eye IMAGINE
Voice between bass and tenor BARITONE
Walking aid CANE
What rodents do GNAW
Woodwind section members OBOES
___ borealis (northern lights) AURORA
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