How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 02 2009

"... and the truth ___ set you free" SHALL
"... ___ a midnight dreary" UPON
"Air" homonym EER
"As you sew, so shall you ___" RIP
"Chain Gang" singer Cooke SAM
"Dig in!" EAT
"Get out of my seat!" MOVE
"How ___ love thee?" DOI
"I'm with ___" THEBAND
"Physician, ___ thyself" HEAL
"Send the Coast Guard!" SOS
"That was ___ of fun!" ALOT
"The ___ of Innocence" (Edith Wharton book) AGE
"___ showtime!" ITS
"___ this your first time here?" (pickup line) SOIS
2002 Winter Games setting UTAH
Acrobat's safeguard NET
Actor who gets no credit EXTRA
Added punch to punch? LACED
Adding device ABACUS
Aggressive lawyer's advice SUE
AKA, in corporate-speak DBA
Alluring beauty GLAMOR
Alternative to lager PALEALE
Angled annex ELL
Aquarium need TANK
As found INSITU
Asian floor mat TATAMI
Asthma sufferer's aid INHALER
Battle-weary SCARRED
Be in possession of HAVE
Be more than 400 meters ahead of, perhaps LAP
Bench-clearing incident SETTO
Bit of business attire TIE
Blacken, as a steak SEAR
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed EAGER
Casino patron GAMBLER
Castle protector MOAT
CEO's degree, often MBA
Change considerably REDO
Checkered pattern PLAID
Chow controller LEASH
Chromosome carriers OVA
Completely consumed EATENUP
Cosmetic additive ALOE
Curbside item TRASH
Cut or scrape medicine IODINE
Dislike and then some ABHOR
Do copy desk work EDIT
Dundee hats TAMS
DuPont's acrylic fiber ORLON
Dwelling ABODE
Eager to rest TIRED
Egyptian god of the underworld OSIRIS
Electrical resistance units OHMS
Elegant and stylish VOGUISH
Elk's horn ANTLER
Extinguish (with "out") PUT
Father, informally POPPA
Feel stiff and sore ACHE
Fiery fate HELL
First name among sitarists RAVI
Frisked (with "down") PATTED
From now on ANYMORE
From ___ finish STARTTO
Gas in advertising lights NEON
Ginger family herbs CARDAMOMS
Hackneyed TRITE
Hammock support TREE
He became famous for lifting cars OTIS
In a sticky situation (with 40-Across) BEHINDTHE
It may have an attachment EMAIL
Jessica of the "Fantastic Four" films ALBA
Juice extraction device REAMER
Kuwaiti prince EMIR
Left with no choices ALLOUTOFOPTIONS
Letter between pi and sigma RHO
Level of neatness ASAPIN
Like a 1960s four FAB
Like overused jokes OLD
Like some rum SPICED
Like some shady payments UNDERTHETABLE
Lowest levels of high tide NEAPS
Mai ___ cocktail TAI
Main component of chromosomes DNA
Make fuzzy BLEAR
Mammal that sleeps upside-down BAT
Material for a doctor's glove LATEX
Mathematician's ordinal NTH
MS enclosure SAE
Mythical revelers SATYRS
Naive expression of wonder GEE
News summary RECAP
Newton in Las Vegas WAYNE
No longer in vogue OUT
Odd-numbered page RECTO
Old-fashioned contraction TIS
One of wealth or standing NOB
One-seventh of a rainbow RED
Out carousing ONATOOT
Overthrower of Batista CASTRO
Part of Ceylon's new name SRI
Past tense of 29-Down ATE
Paying for exercise? SORE
Potent pub pint ALE
Psychiatrists, slangily SHRINKS
Raises, as a building ERECTS
Region AREA
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Shannon DEL
Said twice, a Washington city WALLA
Sears' field RETAIL
See 38-Across EIGHTBALL
Sharp, as a pupil APT
Site of a 16th-century council TRENT
Smaller and weaker, say ATADISADVANTAGE
Society girl, briefly DEB
Somalia's capital? ESS
Some holes in the ground DENS
Some second-generation Americans NISEI
Sort of nest egg IRA
Spirited self-assurance ELAN
Sports org. that once canceled a season NHL
Squishee seller on "The Simpsons" APU
Star burst NOVA
Steel support IBEAM
Stolen diamond object BASE
Studio in early Hollywood's Big Five RKO
Suck up, as a sponge ABSORB
Sun hat of India TOPI
Sun-dried brick ADOBE
The Buckeyes, briefly OSU
The newly elected INS
Thoroughly despicable BENEATHCONTEMPT
Tokyo, before EDO
Tony Musante's TV detective TOMA
Trains in the Loop ELS
Type of photography TIMELAPSE
Understood archaeology? DUG
University of Wyoming city LARAMIE
Unorthodox sect CULT
Vigoda of sitcoms ABE
Viscount's peer EARL
Wails, as in mourning KEENS
Way to watch someone hit the jackpot? ENVIOUSLY
Whiplash victim's option SUE
Wipe, as tears DAUB
With a good physique BUILT
Without delay NOW
Word of dismay ALAS
___ generis (of its own kind) SUI
___ Moines River DES
___ on the side of caution ERR
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO
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