How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 01 2009

"And there it is!" VOILA
"Aw, heck!" DRAT
"For Whom the Bell Tolls" character PILAR
"Long ___ Sally" TALL
"___ Believer" (Monkees) IMA
32,000 ounces TON
700-mile Congolese river UELE
Afflicted STRICKEN
Allergies often affect them SINUSES
Ankle-length cloak CAFTAN
Aquarium beauty OPAH
Bait and switch FASTSHUFFLE
Beginning to type? LINO
Bell sound TING
Body art, briefly TATS
Bureaucratic delays REDTAPE
Chair on poles SEDAN
Comical Charlotte RAE
Cow of commercials ELSIE
Crafty dodgers EVADERS
Dossier abbr. AKA
English 101 verb ARE
Get-here link OUTTA
Globe encircler TROPIC
Gold and frankincense partner MYRRH
Hardly settled ANTSY
Horse-drawn vehicles DOGCARTS
Invigorating place SPA
Isn't just given EARNS
It helps you go with the flow OAR
It's stranded in the human body RNA
Kick-around footwear LOAFERS
Last word in a Bachman-Turner Overdrive title YET
Like a child's drawing of the sun RAYED
Like Carol Channing's voice RASPY
Map that shows you a lot? PLAT
Measure out ALLOT
Medicinal lily from Africa ALOE
Minor dustup SPAT
Movie director's unit TAKE
No place for a roller skate STAIR
Noble gas NEON
Northeaster or northwester STORM
Nose-in-the-air type SNOOT
One's Hippocratic OATH
Operating room substance, once ETHER
Pedometer's unit STEP
Place to sleep, in Britain DOSS
Popular food fishes TUNAS
Positive feedback YESES
Possessor of many rings TREE
Prefix for "while" ERST
Ramses' favorite card game? FARO
Remains for the day STAYS
Ring around the collar? TIE
Shopper's delight GREATDEALS
Signed promise to pay IOU
Singer Ford from Tennessee ERNIE
Some Nissan models ALTIMAS
Southwestern art community TAOS
Spruce juice SAP
Student's composition ESSAY
Take out of context? DELE
Tandoor bread NAN
They're not user-friendly NARCS
Traditional will? SHALL
Trapper's device SNARE
Turtledove's remark COO
Type of income NET
Unit of wisdom? PEARL
Vegas favorites SLOTS
Webster of words NOAH
You can get a bang out of it TNT
___ up (set to drive) TEED
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