How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 31 2019

"Darn!" rats
"___ sells seashells" she
2018 Marvel alien movie venom
Acts without speaking mimes
Admit (to) ownup
Arise (from) stem
Birdfeeder contents seeds
Bouquet holder vase
Candy in dispensers pez
Canonized one saint
Cartoonist Edward sorel
Climactic "Goldfinger" setting fortknox
Competed at Indy raced
Corn-eating bird crow
Corvette or Miata coupe
Craze mania
Dawn goddess eos
Decal on a witch's transport? broomsticker
Deep divide chasm
Deep-dish pizza filler sauce
Dog that's no longer relevant? mootpointer
Eight-hundred preceder? one
Energy unit joule
Europe's longest river volga
Finish a cupcake ice
Folded French food crepe
Folded Mexican food taco
Free (of) rid
Garfield's prank victim odie
Got a perfect score on aced
Have creditors owe
Honda and Hyundai carmakers
If not else
Item at a swanky bar? ivorycoaster
June honoree dad
Kind of closet for sheets linen
Like poisonous mushrooms inedible
Luke Skywalker, e.g jedi
M.A. hopeful's test gre
Magazine for CEOs inc
Make plans? design
Mercury-regulating org epa
Midpoint: Abbr ctr
NBA knee tear site acl
Not just suspend expel
Offers, as a question poses
Olympics sword epee
One fine hat? superbowler
One of nine in an SSN digit
One-named Irish rocker bono
Organ tubes pipes
Photos and iTunes apps
Pollen holder sac
Put two and two together? add
Really enjoy eatup
Roaring wind sound howl
Royal Norwegian name olav
Savory jelly aspic
Sergeant's address sir
Small earring stud
Some early Mexicans aztecs
Spirited sorts dynamos
Supposedly wise bird owl
Syrian strongman assad
Syrup brand karo
Talk like a lover coo
The "V" in VP vice
The Buckeye State ohio
They can be long or even odds
They're worth less when inflated usdollars
Tractor trailer rig
Valium producer roche
Wide neckties ascots
Willamette Valley's state oregon
Woman/fish hybrid mermaid
Worry fret
Yoga posture asana
___ moment (epiphany) aha
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